Apple tips

If you want Quick Look show a picture at retina resolution without streching it, add @2x at the end of the file name. (ex: pic.png -> [email protected])

Can’t sign into your Apple ID due to no input field for 2FA?.

As soon as you know the code, put it in the password field alongside your password. E.g.Username: 2fanaenaePassword: 2fafukd You get 2FA code: 666666Enter Username: 2fanaenaeEnter Password: 2fafukd666666

Three finger tap on addresses to bring up a Maps location

Hold option+command to select non-contiguous sections of text. [PIC]

3D Touch a folder with notification badges for launching apps quickly.

Image. It's pretty handy, I think. Not something super known and I found out about it by mistake

Apple Accepted my U of M credit card as proof to give me the educational discount!.

Went in to buy a 2017 MacBook Pro w/ Touchbar at Apple and the employee was about to ring me up at full price. When I went to pay on my University of Miami credit card he saw it was for a school and took off $100 ($1699 for base model) on the computer and $20 off of the AppleCare+ ($249), I haven’t been a student in 10 years so if you have a college themed card it should be enough to give you the education discount with no trouble even if your not currently enrolled there.

AirPods are easy to find at campus computer stores!.

If your local campus computer store sells Apple products, they probably carry AirPods as well. For those who are on the hunt for AirPods, these university stores often carry them!