Apple tips

Delete the Facebook app and just use their mobile website. Save space on your iOS device because the app doesn't let you purge the cache.

Selecting multiple photos without tapping individually.

I found a neat trick that might not be well known to a majority of users. Instead of tapping an individual photo, you can hold your finger over one photo and then move your finger left or right. I prepared a gfycat video to show you what I mean. Hopefully this helps!


If your a touch typist or used to terminal auto-complete, one of the best features of finder is cmd-shft-g.Rather than click to browse the file tree when opening files, use cmd-shfit-g to open a drop down window that allows to to simply type the path like ~/d/project/src/ with tab auto completion.Another advantage, you don't need to defaults set to show hidden directories, just use cmd-shift-g ~/path/to/.hiddenFolder.

Running out - check Library/Updates for old downloads.

Just found that out, my Library/Updates folder kept quite a lot of old updates downloaded - apparently after installation none of them got deleted.This adds up quickly.

Option+Click the Notification Center button in the top right of your screen to quickly turn on/off "Do Not Disturb" mode.

The icon grays out when Do Not Disturb mode is turned on. Quick way to toggle it on/off for me when I'm trying to do work and can't be distracted.

Option-Click your Wifi Menu for WAY More Info.

Look at what channel you're using. Then, you can hover over each available network and see what channel they're using. Most of mine are on 1, 6, or 11. Then you can set your own network to an unused channel!

Pinch and rotate effects to scale and translate.

Sorry, by effects I mean overlays