Apple tips

If you want to set a timer with seconds (say 1m 45s) ask Siri to do it.

Don't know if many people know this. I noticed this a while back when we needed seconds for a game. Say something like "set a timer for 1 minute and 45 seconds". You can of course say whatever time you like.

When typing a certain word, press ⌘. (command+dot) to complete said word or to see similar words, like on iOS.

Just discovered this incidentally! In the old times, command+dot was used to stop apps from loading (because computers got frozen way more frequently than today).

Highlight and three-finger-tap an address to bring up its location on the map.

Example. In Safari, you can also right-click and select 'Look Up "..."'

How to set a built-in sleep timer for music in iOS.

Go to the clock app, go to Timer, tap to change the alarm sound, and scroll all the way down to "stop playing." Then, when the timer "goes off" it will send out a universal pause to all music players (including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc). Just discovered this, maybe it'll help some of you out! :)

When using 3D Touch to multitask, the entire left side can be used.

This might be obvious to most, but until earlier I always tried to initiate the multitask gesture in the centre left part of the screen. Due to the position this put my hand in, I needed to exert a lot of force for it to trigger. What I noticed earlier (duh!) is that you can trigger it from the lower left corner as well. Since this is a more natural position given how I hold my 6S Plus, the amount of force needed is a lot lower (at least relatively). Hope this saves someone some stress :)

If you want to quickly see what songs or videos are downloaded to your device, switch on airplane mode.

When in airplane mode, it will only show what's available. Anything in the cloud just disappears.

For quick access to iMessage reactions, just double tap the message bubble.

Preauthorize your Apple Pay card before paying.

Sometimes your fingerprint may be dirty or even your sensor. Instead of putting your phone near the terminal and trying to authorize the payment... just open the Wallet app before you pay (equivalent to taking out your wallet and prepping your card) just select the card and scan your thumb before even paying. By doing that it'll save you the hassle of holding up the line or failing to pay through contactless payment

Use Messages to quickly transfer a picture from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

I took a picture that I wanted to get on my computer real quick like. I hate Photostream, and sometimes I just don't have to patience to open iPhoto to grab a single picture. So I just sent myself the picture via Messages Beta, then drag n dropped to my desktop. Just thought I'd pass it along.

Tap your head instead of the AirPod to activate Siri or Play/Pause.

I find it to be easier to tap my head (up against my ear), rather than the AirPod itself as I can better judge where I am tapping.Example: