Apple tips

Set Up Your Apple Watch on Your Right Hand (For Left-Handed People)

Apple Watch Tip For Left-Handed People Here is an Apple Watch tip for left handed people and those who prefer to wear the Watch on the right wrist: Open the companion app and navigate to ‘General / Watch Orientation’. Now select the wrist on which you prefer to wear the Watch and place the digital crown accordingly. This way your Watch will know when to wake up the display and how to orient the screen.

Answer Calls, Straight from Your Watch

Answer Calls, Straight from Your Watch While everyone knows that you can use the Apple watch to answer incoming calls, few know that they have more options than just accepting or declining them. These hidden features are available through the digital crown, scrolling the dial up or down. The first option is ‘send a quick reply’, which disconnects the call and send a message (especially useful in a business meeting or while you’re at work). The second option available is to answer an incoming call on your iPhone rather than on your Watch – honestly, the sound quality is not that great. This option places the caller on hold until you have your iPhone ready to talk. When replying to messages, you can pick from a list of canned replies set by Apple, but you can also write your own Default Replies in the Messages section of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Prominent Haptic’ Notifications

‘Prominent Haptic’ Notifications The taptic engine opens a whole new dimension of privacy regarding notifications. While the ‘vibration mode’ of my iPhone sometimes turns out everything else but silent when it’s placed on a glass table, the taptic engine of your Watch will gently ‘tap’ your wrist upon incoming calls or messages. If this tap turns out to be too gentle however, you can navigate to the “Sound & Haptics” settings in the companion app on your phone and toggle on the “Prominent haptic” feature to receive two vibrations on your wrist when you get a notification instead of just one.

Use Your Apple Watch As An Alarm Clock

Here’s a bonus tip and a must-have to fully maximize your Apple Watch – the LXORY Apple Watch Charger! This smart watch charger comes with a unique foldable design that activates Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode, a function that turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock when positioned on the side. It comes with two color variants that meets your style.

Switch Off

Apple Watch Tip: Switch Off It sounds basic, but it might not be obvious how to turn the watch off. To do so, press and hold the side button (the one under the Digital Crown). You will see sliders on the screen with the options to “Power Off” and “Emergency SOS”. Slide the “Power Off” button over to the right to shut down the watch. Use the “Emergency SOS” slider to issue a emergency call to contacts defined in the Health app on your iPhone.

Make a Backup of up Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Tip: Make a Backup We’re all familiar with how to backup our iPhones to iTunes or, more commonly these days, to iCloud — but what about the watch? If you lose your watch, have you lost all your settings? No; turns out, your Apple Watch is constantly backing up to your iPhone, so if you do lose it, then you should be prompted to restore from that backup during the pairing process for a new watch. (These backups on your phone are themselves backed up to iCloud or iTunes whenever you backup your iPhone.)

Take a Screenshot

Apple Watch Trick: Take a Screenshot To capture your Watch’s screen, hold both buttons on the side at the same time. The screen will flash and you’ll feel a haptic feedback. The image will be stored to the Camera Roll of your phone, from where you can use it just like any other photo. If the screenshot function is not working, check your settings in the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. In “General Settings”, Enable Screenshots.

Share Your Location

Apple Watch Tip: Share Your Location If you’re traveling to meet your friends, you never have to text them your location if you’re wearing your Apple Watch. All you have to do is open up your messages, click through a thread and instead of replying, force touch the screen and send your location via GPS. This sends your iPhone’s current location to your friend in the selected message thread.