Apple tips

Check AirPods Battery Life from Apple Watch

If you’re using an Apple Watch with your iPhone, chances are you’re also using AirPods to listen to music. Well, I’m sure you know that you can check your AirPods’ battery life from your iPhone’s widget screen, but did you know you can check it from the Apple Watch as well? Open the Control Center on your watch, and tap on the battery percentage tile. This will show up your Apple Watch battery percentage along with the AirPods’ battery. The best part about this is that this works even if your AirPods are connected to your iPhone and not your Apple Watch.

Find Your iPhone in the Dark

I’m sure you’re well aware of the “ping iPhone” feature in the Apple Watch where you can just tap on a button in the Control Center and your iPhone makes a series of beeps to help you find it. However, if you are in a situation where it’s dark and you can’t see where your iPhone is, this Apple Watch trick might come in handy. Open the control center on your watch and long-press the ‘ping iPhone’ button. When you do this, your iPhone will beep and blink the LED flash as well to help you locate it.

Skip Workout Countdowns

Do you use your Apple Watch to track your workouts? If you don’t, you should, it’s really good at it. Since I’m stuck at home in this lockdown I’ve been working out a little and the Apple Watch is great for keeping a track of it. The only annoyance is that countdown it plays when you start a workout. Turns out, you can just tap on the screen to skip the countdown and go straight to the workout.

Mark Workout Segments

One of the most surprising things I found out about the workout app in the Apple Watch is that you can even mark segments in the app. This is useful if you’re doing an Open Workout and switching between crunches and push-ups etc. You can simply double tap on your Apple Watch to mark segments instead of having to end a workout and start a new one. You can see all the segments of your workout in the Activity app on your iPhone.

Cover Your Watch to Turn on Silent Mode

Have you ever been in a work meeting and suddenly your watch makes that notification chime? Obviously you can quickly cover the watch to mute the notification, but you can’t really head into the control center and then tap to turn on Silent Mode in order to not have any more disturbances during the meeting, right? Well, luckily for you, there’s a shortcut. Any time you get a notification on your watch, you can just cover the watch with your palm for three seconds and your watch will turn-on silent mode. It will also give a taptic feedback to let you know that silent mode has been turned on. Pretty cool, right?

Check the Time Without Raising Your Wrist

I know what you’re thinking, the Apple Watch Series 5 has an always on display so we can easily check the time without raising our wrist. True, but not every one has a Series 5 Apple Watch, and if you’re one of the people rocking their Series 3 or 4, you don’t have to necessarily raise your wrist to check the time. Plus, a lot of people prefer disabling the always on display to extend the Series 5’s battery life. When your watch screen (or AOD) is turned off, slightly rotate the digital crown to light the screen up at a low brightness and check the time. You can keep rotating the crown to increase the brightness if you want. By the way, this is also handy if you have turned on theater mode on your watch but you need to check the time without blasting the entire theater with your watch’s screen brightness.

Speak Time

This feature is useful if you need to know the exact time but your analog watch-face means you’re gonna have to really look at it. Fortunately, you don’t need to switch to a digital watch-face if you don’t want to. Simply tap and hold the screen of your Apple Watch with two fingers, and the watch will speak out the current time.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

This is a feature I just love having because I no longer need to type in my password on my laptop. I can just pop-open the lid and my MacBook Pro unlocks thanks to my Apple Watch. You can turn this feature on by heading to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy and checking the option that says “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac”.

Keep the Watch safe using Water Lock

Water Lock locks the screen to prevent it from being activated or flooded by water. Especially handy (and engaged automatically) when you start a swimming activity in the Workout app. But it’s a good idea to use it in the rain or shower, too. However, you’ll have to do this manually. Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to enter the Control Centre, which includes a number of frequently used controls. Choose the water droplet icon. Turn off Water Lock by rotating the Digital Crown dial. The Water Lock will be disabled. You’ll hear a sort of beeping noise when the speaker vibrates to purge any remaining water.

Unlock your Mac

One of the most useful Apple Watch tips if you have an Apple ecosystem. Apple’s unique device synchronisation was introduced with watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra. You may now use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac without the need for a password. Ensure your devices are both linked to the same iCloud account. Set up a passcode on your watch if you haven’t already. On your Mac, go through the following settings: Under System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy > General. Allowing your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac should be checked.