Apple tips

Make your iPhone flash when you ping it

You might already know that you’re able to ‘ping’ a lost iPhone with an Apple Watch. Simply go to the Settings Glance on your Apple Watch and press the iPhone with a sound icon. This sends a signal to the linked iPhone, prompting it to make a loud noise, making it simple to find. Isn’t that handy? If pinging your iPhone fails, push and hold the iPhone symbol on your Apple Watch to trigger the phone’s LED flash. This should help you find your misplaced iPhone if it’s dark enough to see the flashes!

Organise your home screen

With a small screen and a large number of apps, it can be difficult to find the ones you want to utilise. The simplest way to organise your Apple Watch home screen, as with the iPhone, is to tap and hold the app icon until it does the famous wiggle. After everything begins to jiggle, drag the icon to its new position. And, this is also how you can remove any third-party apps. You may also use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to organise your Apple Watch home screen if you want.

Share your location via your Apple Watch

Nothing is more irritating than going to meet friends only to have them text you to see where you are every 5 minutes.  You have two choices. One, set your Watch to Do Not Disturb and ignore them. Two, notify them of your whereabouts. Open Messages on your Apple Watch, select a thread to reply to, and then force press the screen to select ‘Send Location’ rather than dictating a response. This will send your exact location from your iPhone to everybody in that thread.

Delete Toggles in Control Centre

You can now finally delete toggle in the Control Centre of your Apple Watch. You will see an Edit button in the Control Centre. Tap on it and it will allow you to remove unwanted toggles from the Control Centre.

Share Watch Faces

Did you like that perfect watch face on your friend’s Apple Watch? You can now share a watch face by texting, emailing, or posting a link online. You can also discover new watch faces from the App Store or from the web. Your friend can now share the layout and you can simply adapt that arrangement on your Apple Watch.

Answer Calls on iPhone from Apple Watch

You can accept calls on the Apple Watch when your iPhone is nearby. But it’s not best to talk over for longer periods of time. When you get a call, scroll up and you’ll find an Answer on iPhone button. You can transfer an ongoing call to iPhone this way as well.

Use Digital Crown to Control Volume

When you’re in a Now Playing screen for any app, just use the Digital Crown to control the volume. You can do this without looking or activating the screen.

Increase Text Size

If you’ve got the bigger, 44mm version of the Apple Watch, you can afford to increase the text size a bit. To do this, go to  Settings > Brightness & Text Size.

Customize Your Fitness Goals

With watchOS 7, Apple is finally allowing users to customize their Stand hours and Exercise minutes. So, if you want to set your fitness goals higher than others, you can set your own Stand hours and Exercise minutes goals.

Measure your Blood Oxygen Levels

Apple has included a new blood oxygen monitoring sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6. There’s a new Blood Oxygen app to go along with it that you can use to measure your blood oxygen app. Before you can use the blood oxygen sensor though, you will have to set it up. For this, open the Health app on your iPhone where you should automatically get the prompt to set up the blood oxygen app. If not, go to the Browse tab followed by Respiratory > Blood Oxygen > Set up Blood Oxygen. After this, you can open the Blood Oxygen app to measure the blood oxygen levels using your Apple Watch. Whenever you take a measurement, ensure that the watch is sitting snuggly on your wrist.