Apple tips

Deliver Notifications Quietly on Apple Watch

You can choose to deliver notifications directly to the Notification Center for certain apps. This won’t alert you when you get a new notification. This setting is synced with the iPhone as well. This is important if you receive a lot of notification on a daily basis. Not every notification is important and your Apple Watch does not need to buzz for all of them. Next time you want a notification to be delivered silently, swipe left on its notification on your Apple Watch and tap on the menu button. Then select Deliver Quietly option. If you change your mind, you can go in later and switch to Delivery Prominently.

Raise to Speak to Siri

Siri might not be as smart as Google Assistant or Alexa but you can still use it to set reminders and get other tasks done in a jiffy. Apple also makes it extremely convenient to talk to Siri. Whenever you need to trigger the assistant, simply raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” and start speaking to the assistant. This reduces the friction in talking to a virtual assistant and improves its usefulness.

Always-On Altimeter

Apple is using a new altimeter on the Apple Watch Series 6 that provides real-time elevation data. This is possible due to the company using a more power-efficient altimeter that can also take data from GPS and Wi-Fi networks. This not only makes the new altimeter more accurate — it can detect changes as small as one foot, it is also more power-efficient. Thanks to these improvements, you can get real-time data from the altimeter as a complication on a watch face or as a workout metric on your Apple Watch Series 6.

Enhanced Always-On Display

Like the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 before it, the Apple Watch Series 6 also comes with always-on display support. The good thing is that Apple has improved its always-on display implementation and made it 2.5x times brighter. This means the content on the always-on display is going to be easily readable than before especially when you are out and about. That’s not it though. Apple has also improved the always-on display mode and now allows users to directly access the Notification Center, Control Center, and tap on complications without having to wake up the display of the wearable.

Use the Stock Charger

Unlike previous Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Series 6 comes with fast charge support. This allows the wearable to charge from 0-50 percent in just 40 minutes while a full charge takes around 1.5 hours. To enjoy the full charging speed on your Apple Watch though, it is important that you use the stock charger along with a 10W power adapter for the device. This is important as third-party wireless chargers in the market can only charge the Apple Watch at a maximum speed of 2.5W. Read: Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE: Which One Should You Buy?

Access AirTag’s Hidden Developer Menu

This isn’t really the best AirTag tip or trick and may get removed in an upcoming update. But, in what could be the icing on the cake for the folks who love to tinker with yet-to-be-rolled-out features, Apple has a secret AirTag developer mode accessible via the Find My app. The hidden developer mode shows a variety of data along with the sliders to adjust things like dot animation for precision finding, background color, and more. So if you want to enable AirTag developer mode and play around with various dials and sliders, go ahead and follow our linked guide. There’s even a battery saver ‘Eco’ mode and an intriguing  ‘Interactive Mode’ hidden in the developer menu.

Stop People from Stalking You Using an AirTag

The Apple AirTag comes with a built-in safety feature that prevents the item tracker from being used to track your location. Thus, no one can put an AirTag in your accessories and keep track of your location without your awareness. This is one of the best AirTag tips and tricks I want everyone to be aware of for their safety. If your iOS device detects an AirTag that doesn’t belong to you moving with you for an extended period of time, it will alert you with a warning message. Now, you can take the necessary action and use our detailed guide to disable an AirTag found moving with you in a few easy steps.

Turn off AirTag Item Safety Alert

Keeping security in mind, iOS 14 allows only the owner to track the AirTag using the Find My app. Besides, it also features an anti-stalking system that alerts you when an unknown AirTag appears to be moving with you. It informs you that the AirTag’s owner can see your location, and it’s a well-thought-out implementation. But what if you want to share your AirTag-tracked item with a friend or family member? Wouldn’t you prefer to disable the safety alert? Most probably, you would. Well, worry not, iOS allows you to pause the safety alerts so that your dear one’s iPhone or iPad won’t detect the AirTag as unwanted. Do note that for as long as Item Safety Alerts are paused, the owner of an unknown AirTag can see your location. Also, bear in mind that you won’t receive alerts when you move around with that unknown item on you. Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the “Me” tab. Now, turn off the toggle next to Item Safety Alerts. Next, a popup will appear on the screen warning you that “the owner of an unknown will be able to see your location and you will no longer receive notifications when an unknown item is found moving with you.” Tap on “Disable” to confirm the action.

Factory Reset Your Apple AirTag

When you set up an AirTag with your iPhone, it is automatically linked to your Apple ID. That’s why you will need to factory reset the item tracker before handing it over to someone or selling it out. When you are in the Bluetooth range, resetting the AirTag is easy, and another handy tip and trick in your arsenal.

  • Reset AirTag via the Find My App Navigate to the “Items” tab in the Find My app and select the AirTag that you want to remove. After that, swipe up to reveal the AirTag settings and tap on the “Remove Item” option. Then, confirm that you want to Remove the AirTag from your account in the pop-up window.
  • Reset the AirTag Manually Bear in mind that if you are out of the Bluetooth range of your AirTag when you remove it from your account, it will fail to register. Hence, the AirTag will require a manual reset. To do so, press on the stainless steel side. While pressing down on the stainless steel side, rotate the cover counterclockwise until it stops rotating. Next, pull apart the two halves of your AirTag and take out the battery. After that, put the battery back inside and press down on the battery until it makes a sound. When the sound finishes, repeat the same process four more times. Yeah, you need to remove and replace the battery and then press on the battery until you hear the sound five times. Once you have completed the process, make sure to put the steel cover on the AirTag back on. After that, perfectly align the three tabs on the cover with the three slots on the device tracker. Finally, press down on it until there is a sound and then rotate it counterclockwise so that it locks securely in place. That’s it. You have now manually reset your AirTag. You can also use this method to disable an AirTag found moving with you and make it your own with ease. The manual resetting of the AirTag is a tedious affair. So, always be sure the person giving you an AirTag has removed it from their account while the device tracker is in Bluetooth range.

Safely Return a Lost AirTag to its Rightful Owner

If you ever come across a lost AirTag, you can scan the item tracker to access the owner’s contact information. It’s worth noting that you will need an iPhone or an NFC-enabled Android device to view the details. Simply tap and hold the white side of the AirTag to the back of your iPhone or an NFC-equipped Android device. After that, tap on the notification that shows up on your device. Now, a website with the details of the AirTag, including its serial number, and its owner’s contact information, will open up. Additionally, you might also see a custom lost message along with the phone number that will enable you to contact the rightful owner.