Appletv tips

Cover the display to mute

If your Watch is set to notify you with chimes, but you’re in the middle of a meeting or conversation, you can enable ‘Cover to Mute’ under the Sound & Haptics settings. Cover your watch for 3 seconds to activate it and mute the unnecessary noises.

Transfer a call to your iPhone

An advantage of the Apple Watch is the ability to take a call from your wrist. Though if you want to continue the discussion on your iPhone, it’s not a problem.

  • Answer the call by tapping the green phone button on your watch face.
  • On your iPhone, tap the green phone button in the upper-left corner.
  • The call will now automatically transfer from your Apple Watch to the iPhone.

Unlock your Mac

One of the most useful Apple Watch tips if you have an Apple ecosystem. Apple’s unique device synchronisation was introduced with watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra. You may now use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac without the need for a password. Ensure your devices are both linked to the same iCloud account. Set up a passcode on your watch if you haven’t already. On your Mac, go through the following settings: Under System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy > General. Allowing your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac should be checked.

Make your iPhone flash when you ping it

You might already know that you’re able to ‘ping’ a lost iPhone with an Apple Watch. Simply go to the Settings Glance on your Apple Watch and press the iPhone with a sound icon. This sends a signal to the linked iPhone, prompting it to make a loud noise, making it simple to find. Isn’t that handy? If pinging your iPhone fails, push and hold the iPhone symbol on your Apple Watch to trigger the phone’s LED flash. This should help you find your misplaced iPhone if it’s dark enough to see the flashes!

Organise your home screen

With a small screen and a large number of apps, it can be difficult to find the ones you want to utilise. The simplest way to organise your Apple Watch home screen, as with the iPhone, is to tap and hold the app icon until it does the famous wiggle. After everything begins to jiggle, drag the icon to its new position. And, this is also how you can remove any third-party apps. You may also use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to organise your Apple Watch home screen if you want.

Share your location via your Apple Watch

Nothing is more irritating than going to meet friends only to have them text you to see where you are every 5 minutes.  You have two choices. One, set your Watch to Do Not Disturb and ignore them. Two, notify them of your whereabouts. Open Messages on your Apple Watch, select a thread to reply to, and then force press the screen to select ‘Send Location’ rather than dictating a response. This will send your exact location from your iPhone to everybody in that thread.

Know the Ambient Noise Levels

Noise was rolled out in watchOS 6. It’s not a new app but it’s still a useful one. This app will monitor the noise levels in your surrounding. If it’s too loud, it will warn you that long-term exposure to this type of noise can damage your hearing. It’s a default app that you can find on the Home Screen. The color-coded verdict will tell you whether or not the noise can cause hearing loss. To make it more useful, allow this device to listen in the background. It will warn you if the surrounding gets too loud. To get the decibels reading, simply glance at your wrist.

Open Breathe App If You’re Anxious

Indeed, many people purchase the series 6 Apple Watch to help them improve their physical health. But this wearable isn’t only great for that purpose. You can also use it to help you feel calmer when you’re anxious. The new Apple Watch 2020 is still equipped with the Breathe app. If you feel stressed out or anxious, just tap this app and focus on the image presented. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. This wearable provides you with haptic feedback. It imitates the expanding and deflating feelings of lungs. It makes it easier for you to focus on your breathing. Each time you tap on this app, you’ll feel more relaxed when you’re done. The visual cue is truly helpful in allowing you to focus more on your breathing and forgetting about everything in your environment. You can use this app many times a day to help improve your focus and concentration. It also boosts your mental health, not just your physical health.

Use It as a Remote Control

But this feature is only available for Apple TV. You can use this wearable to pause and resume the movie at any time you wish. You can also use it to navigate menus. That’s why you can use it as a virtual version of the Apple TV remote. If you wish to enable this feature, go to your Apple Watch and tap on the Remote app. Because this wearable is attached to your wrist, you won’t lose it, unlike your remote control. For quick access to the Remote Control on the Watch, just keep it in the Dock. If you need it, just press the wearable’s side button.

Send Pre Selected Responses

There’s no option for you to type on your series 6 Apple Watch. However, you can set pre-composed messages through your iPhone. To make custom replies, go to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then, tap on Messages. Find the Default Replies option. Tap on it and replace responses you don’t need with a customer reply that you want. Instead of using the default replies that Apple provided, you can use your own when you need to reply from your Apple Watch. This comes in handy if you don’t want to pull out your iPhone from your pocket or purse. You can read the message through your Apple Watch and reply to it directly. However, if the reply must be customized, then you don’t have a choice but to use your iPhone.