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Add profile pictures to contacts

You can sync profile photos of your friends and family from Facebook or Twitter so that when they email or call, you can see their profile photo. To sync the profile photos, go to Settings, and tap on Facebook or Twitter, login to your account, and then tap Update Contacts.

Respond to a call with a text

If you can’t take a call, you can tap on the Message icon to send a prewritten message response such as “Sorry, I can’t talk right now,” “I’m on my way,” “Can I call you later?”. You can also customize the messages in Settings > Phone > Respond with Text. ➤ How to respond to a call with a quick text message on your iPhone

Mute a conversation

Tap on the conversation you want to mute in the Messages app, tap on Details, and then tap on the Do Not Disturb toggle. ➤ How to mute or leave a group chat

Share your location with friends

In the Messages app, tap on the conversation you’re having with your friend or friends with whom you want to share your location. Then tap on Details in the top right corner.  Tap on Send My Current Location if you want to send your current location or tap on Share My Location if you want to share your location for ever or specific period of time. ➤ How to share your location in the Messages app

Block Voice, FaceTime calls and Messages

Go to Settings, and navigate to Phone > Blocked, then tap on Add New…, and tap on the Contact you wish to block, to add it to the block list. You can also block a contact or phone number in the Phone, FaceTime and Messages app. When you add a Contact or number to the blocked list, voice calls, FaceTime calls and messages from that person will be blocked. You cannot selectively block just voice calls, FaceTime calls or messages from a person. ➤ How to block calls and messages on your iPhone

Message Timestamp

Open the Messages app, and tap on a conversation. You’ll see that the timestamps here are for a collection of messages. To see what time messages were sent, drag a bubble to the left. ➤ How to see what time messages were sent

Send Photos or Videos

To send a photo, tap on the camera icon when you’re in a conversation, swipe up to take a photo, and send it instantly. To send a video, swipe to the right to start recording the video, and then swipe up to stop the recording and send the video.

Add RSS feeds to Safari

With iOS 8, you can subscribe to RSS feeds in Safari, which then appear in the Shared Links tab. To subscribe to an RSS feed, visit the site you want to subscribe to in Safari, tap the bookmarks icon and tap on the @ symbol. Tap on the Subscription button at the bottom and then tap on “Add Current Site”. You’ll then start seeing updates from the site in the Shared Links tab.

Private browsing

To enable or disable private browsing, enter the tab switcher view by tapping the tab button at the bottom, followed by the Private button on the bottom left corner. You’ll see the interface change to black when it is in private mode, so you can differentiate between private and normal browsing mode.

Close and reorder tabs

To close a webpage, just swipe a tab offscreen to the left or tap on the x button. You can close only one tab at a time, and there is no option to close all tabs. You can also reorder tabs by tapping and holding on a tab, and moving it to the place you want it.