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How to Tidy Up Your Desk Cables

Do your desk cables constantly become tangled and messy? Are you always trying to find the right cable? Put an end to these problems with this simple life hack, and use binder clips to organize your cables.

A Handy Way to Charge Your Phone

Have you ever needed to charge your phone and realized that you’ve lost your charging adaptor? Remember this useful life hack and charge your phone using the USB port on the back of a TV.

How to Clean Your Electronics

Computer keyboards and charging ports on electronics often accumulate dust and dirt. Use this cool life hack to clean them. All you need is a squeezy-ketchup bottle top and your vacuum.

How to Organize Your Cables

If you’re like most people, you probably have a tangled bag of wires and cables somewhere. Use this easy life hack to get organized. All you need is a shoebox and a few toilet paper rolls.

How to Charge Your Phone Wherever There’s a Socket

Have you ever gone to charge your phone, only to realize there’s nowhere to put it and your cable doesn’t reach the floor? Don’t let your phone hang from the cable, use this top life hack instead. All you need is a used plastic bottle and a pair of scissors.

How to Create Safe Passwords That You Can Remember

Use this real life hack to protect your accounts! Choose accented letters to include in your passwords to make them extra secure.

How to Stop a Plug from Slipping Out of a Socket

Urgh! This is so annoying, right? Not anymore. Just pinch the prongs together to give your plug some extra grip.

How to Keep Your Headphones Neat On-The-Go

Headphones can wear out quickly, so use this daily life hack to extend their life-span. All you need is a hair clip.

How to Make a Cosy Light

Use this simple life hack to create a cozy light wherever you are. Just switch on your smartphone flashlight and place it under a water bottle.

The Ice Cream Finish

Whenever you finish a jar of Nutella, jelly, or peanut butter don’t throw it out. Instead, remember this cool life hack and finish it off with some ice cream.