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How to Stop Your Straw from Rising

If you’re fed up with your straw rising out of your drink, use this top life hack. Simply put your straw through the can’s tab.

How to Stop Popsicles from Dripping

Want to enjoy your popsicle slowly without it dripping? Are you kids super messy when they eat popsicles? Poke the popsicle stick through a cupcake liner to catch the drips.

How to Store Your Pasta More Efficiently

This simple life hack can help you save cupboard space and prevent your pasta from breaking. All you need is an empty Pringles can.

How to Protect Your Cables

Have you ever owned charging cables that wore out and broke in the past? Smartphone and laptop charging cables aren’t cheap. Use this top life hack to protect them using a spring from an old pen.

How to Untie Plastic Bags

Untie knots faster with this simple life hack. Instead of trying to pull the knot apart, twist the ends and push them into each other.

How to Know Which Lane to Use

Don’t forget this essential life hack. When you’re on the highway, the signs will tell you which lane to use so you can exit safely.

How to Identify Your Luggage

Save time and make it easier to spot your luggage by tying a small piece of brightly colored ribbon to your case.

How to Stay Safe in an Emergency

This amazing life hack could save your life. Consider keeping a card in your wallet or purse with your emergency medical details.

How to Pack Heavy Items When Moving House

Use this easy life hack to make moving house easier. Don’t use boxes for heavy items, instead use a suitcase with wheels. Life hacks are creative ways to make the little things in life easier. We found these hacks on Reddit – which is your favorite? And did we miss any amazing hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Handle the Last Bit of Soap

Whenever you use a bar of soap and there’s a little piece left, stick it onto the new bar to make washing easier.