Chinese language tips


You can rely on this online practical resource to learn Chinese. Most of their tutorials are in audio format which makes them similar to podcasts. It is well structured into a different level based on fluency – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you have a problem with listening to Chinese tones, grammar, vocabulary, you can bank on it.


It is one of the websites to learn Mandarin Chinese through excessive repetition. You will get encounter lots of practical vocabulary, common phrases, greetings, etc., that will help you interact with a native speaker. It is one of the best way to learn characters at an affordable rate.

Coffee Break Chinese

If you are casual about learning Chinese, you can use this practical resource to get audio lessons and practice writing. There is a premium version that comprises four different sessions valued at $104. With Coffee Break Chinese, you are sure of acquiring suitable words that will fasten the use of Mandarin.

Chinese For Us

is a better course option for anyone learning Mandarin characters from entry-level to expert level. Users have to subscribe for $8.99 monthly to enjoy premium features, and when it expires, they have to re-subscribe.

Chinese Zero to Hero

The classes on the practical resource have been recorded, and you will get access to the writing, audio files, quizzes, video clips etc. It is one of the best places to learn some Mandarin pronunciation and also make good sentences using the right phrase and words.

Yoyo Chinese

It is a mobile app that comprises lots of Chinese video clips, reviews, flashcards, audio files, and many others. There are over 20 million lessons for students to learn Chinese Mandarin, and their classes have been divided into other smaller units for easy comprehension.

How to learn spoken English the easy way

Speaking is actually the easy way of improving your spoken English. Easy, but at the same time the hard way. If you don’t have the possibility of traveling to an English-speaking country or the good fortune of having an English-speaking friend, this method is not an option for you. But there is a solution. It may sound a bit creepy, but talking to yourself is the answer in this particular situation. The good ol’ talking to yourself. We all do that from time to time. Why not do it in English? Not necessarily out loud. Use your thoughts. The accent sounds better now in your mind, but in time your actual accent will improve too.

Mandarin Blueprint

Native speakers of mandarin Chinese are the founder of the course. You will see different things that will aid in learning mandarin Chinese. A way to learn is the by the high-quality video clips with excellent quality to aid the learning process for beginners with its outstanding course. Although it is not free, it offers a good teaching of Chinese to people who want to learn.

Read your favorite books in English

What better way is there to get used to English grammar in context than reading your favorite books in English? I for one started with Harry Potter because it is easy to read and it does not use complex vocabulary. But you can choose any book you want. Just make sure it matches your proficiency level. Seeing the English grammar in context will help you assimilate the information faster and learn to use it successfully yourself.

Don’t overthink it

Go with the flow and let the inductive method work. Trust your instinct. In time, once you get used to the language, you’ll be able to speak English as easily as you speak your native language. Don’t calculate your next ten moves. Instead, think directly in English and just speak. If you overthink a phrase now, you’ll overthink it forever.