Chinese language tips


Don't say: "Cinderella saw her fairy godmother appear. She was dressed in blue. She held a wand. The wand had a star on it. She was covered in sparkles. Cinderella was amazed. She asked who the woman was. The woman said, 'I am your fairy godmother.' She said she would get Cinderella a dress and a coach. She said she would help Cinderella go to the ball." Instead say: (there are multiple correct ways to rewrite this, but here's one) "Amazed, Cinderella watched as her fairy godmother appeared. The woman dressed in blue was covered in sparkles and carried a star-shaped wand. Cinderella asked the woman who she was, to which the woman replied, 'I am your fairy godmother." The fairy godmother would get Cinderella a dress and a coach; she would help Cinderella get to the ball."

Mix it up in terms of PUNCTUATION

Here are a few commonly misused punctuation marks that a lot of people aren't sure about: The semi-colon (;) separates two complete sentences that are complementary. Example: "She was always covered in cinders from cleaning the fireplace; they called her Cinderella." The colon (:) is used... a. preceding a list. Example: "Before her stepmother awoke, Cinderella had three chores to complete: feeding the chickens, cooking breakfast, and doing the wash." b. as a sort of "drum roll," preceding some big revelation. Example: "One thing fueled the wicked stepmother's hatred for Cinderella: jealousy." The dash (--) is made by typing two hyphens (-). No spaces go in between the dash and the text. It is used... a. to bracket off some explanatory information. Example: "Even Cinderella's stepsisters-who were not nearly as lovely or virtuous as Cinderella--were allowed to go to the ball." b. in the "drum roll" sense of the colon. Example: "Prince Charming would find this mystery lady--even if he had to put the slipper on every other girl in the kingdom."


Don't say: "The stepmother's house was cleaned by Cinderella." (Passive.) Say instead: "Cinderella cleaned the stepmother's house." (Active voice.) Passive voice construction ("was cleaned") is reserved for those occasions where the "do-er" of the action is unknown. Example: "Prince Charming saw the glass slipper that was left behind."

The Last Stand

We know for a fact that there is a positive correlation between Morale and Last Stand chance – the higher the Axie’s morale, the higher the chance of Last Stand being activated. We also know that your Axie will never enter Last Stand when you need it most, but believe it or not, this is actually more than just a game of chance. As it turns out, there is a mathematical way to determine if your Axie will enter Last Stand: If (Final Blow - Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100) → Axie enters Last Stand The Beast Axie has 112 remaining HP, and is dealt a 160 damage Final Blow. (Final Blow - Remaining HP) = 160 - 112 = 48 (Remaining HP x Morale/100) = 112 x 61/100 = 68.32 Since (Final Blow - Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100), the Beast Axie enters Last Stand. Credit: Axie Explained Based on the above, you would want to get opponent Axie down to as little remaining HP as possible before dealing the final blow, minimizing the chances of it entering Last Stand. So no more finger-crossings for Last Stand miracles, only cold, hard factual math! Note: On average, players will only have a microseconds window to calculate the above, and are advised to have at least some pen and paper ready.

Permission to draw

Ready to show off your glorious drawing of Andy's Angel with your close circle of friends, family, and internet strangers? You might want to think again. As of September 2020, Axie Infinity updated the terms of usage for their IP. This essentially allows Axie NFT owners and artists the right to create and monetize their fanart, provided that the following terms are met: Artists who create original fanart without monetizing it are not required to own the Axies, although seeking consent from the Axie owner is still highly encouraged. Original creations here are defined as creations that do not use Axie Infinity’s existing assets. Below are the examples given: Artist: Reilzz Artist: Nuu_Art So here’s a gentle reminder to all the Axie artists out there to remember your “please and thank yous”.

The most expensive Axie Infinity land

Most Axie enthusiasts are familiar with the magic number of “300 ETH”, but not nearly as many of us know about “888.25 ETH” – the price of the most expensive Axie Infinity land digital land ever sold. On 6 February, a user known simply as “DANNY” tweeted that he had just sold an Axie Infinity Genesis land for a whopping 888.25 ETH (~$1.5M USD). Genesis lands are extraordinarily rare (only 220 in total) and are located in the center of the Axie Infinity map. In the future, these will be the hosting areas for special content like Chimera Bosses and Raids.

Who bought the most expensive Axie ever sold?

The image above should be a familiar sight to Axie enthusiasts. We know that the most expensive Axie was sold for 300 ETH, but…who bought it? According to an interview by CoinDesk Chinese, the mysterious buyer was a Harvard University student from Beijing, China. The student, Andy, had started investing in cryptocurrency since 2017 with the start-up funds granted by his parents. He had come to learn about Axie Infinity by chance and quickly cultivated an interest in the Pokemon-inspired game. One thing led to another and as we already know, Andy would then purchase Angel (Axie #1046) for a record-breaking 300 ETH, forever etching himself in the tapestry of Axie Infinity’s history. As of today, Andy (who also appears to be a Boba fan) owns 7 Axies in total, including the famed Angel!

Origin of the Origins

If you have ever wondered what is the lowest Axie ID available for purchase, we have got you covered: This adorable little Beast Axie, aptly named 🏆, is one of the Origin Axies. Origin Axies occupy most of the lowest Axie IDs, and are the first of their kind in the Axie Universe. Back in April 2018 when Axie Infinity was first launched, Origins Axies went on sale for an average of 0.22 ETH. Axie Origin Coins (AOC) were also given out if someone bought an Axie using your referral, and these AOCs could then be redeemed at a 5-to-1 ratio for Origin Axies. So what is so special about these Axies? Not only do Origins come with a special tag, they will also perform a special victory pose flex when they win in the Arena. There can only ever be 4088 Origin Axies in total. As of today, there are 3,291 Origins. Some Origins have not yet been redeemed (and some will never be) since there are still unspent AOCs out there. With the #5 Axie ID, 🏆 has the current honor of having the lowest Axie ID on the Ronin marketplace. Should you ever come across a 1-vs-1-whoever-strikes-first-wins-it-all situation between 🏆 and Axie #30979, you know whom to put your money on… But what about its cousins #1 - #4? Our guess is that these Origin Axies likely still reside in the land of Ethereum across the bridge, biding their time to make an appearance in Ronin.

The Speed Stalemate Conundrum

We know that faster Axies (i.e. higher speed) will get to move first – but what happens when 2 or more Axies share the same speed? Spoiler alert: it is not a 50:50 coin toss. In that case, turn order is then determined by comparison of the following stats in sequence:

  • Lower HP
  • Higher Skill
  • High Morale
  • Low Axie ID In a face-off, since both Axies share the same Speed and HP, the Mech Axie will strike first because it has higher Skill. This means that if 2 Axies have the same speed, then the one with lower HP will strike first. If both their speed and HP are the same, then the one with higher skill will attack first…so on and so forth. All else being equal, including breed count and genes, Axies with lower IDs should fetch a higher price – a tip for all of you aspiring Axie arbitrageurs/appraisers out there wink wink

Dominating Arena? Not so fast

Ever had an Arena game sooooo good that you beat your opponent in 5 rounds or fewer? You think, “Sweet, I wonder if they reward such magnificent feats with extra SLP”, only to be transported to the main screen immediately and unceremoniously – SLP reward screen nowhere to be found. “Excuse me? Where’s the reward for annihilating my opponent?” It turns out that winning too quickly (before round 5) in PVP will yield players a grand total of 0 SLP. This is a measure put in place to discourage win-trading strategies. So next time you find yourself winning too quickly, hold your horses back a little, at least until AFTER round 5.