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Spray Painting Furniture Hardware

In most of my projects, I spray paint the furniture hardware instead of replacing the hardware or cleaning it up.  This option is not only easy but can give the hardware a brand new look that is just as durable as the original finish.  My  Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture includes a video where I show you how to spray paint the hardware for all of my furniture makeover posts.

Be Yourself

To some this is the scariest thing you can say to them, it's like your mate asking you to speak at their wedding with the line "just make people laugh"... cue brain panic meltdown! Of course it's imperative to be yourself but what that means is work to your strengths, rather than try to be someone you're not. Let your enthusiasm shine through and have fun with presenting; you’re on the radio! This is your show, no one else’s. Practice, feedback, training and a good coach will get you there.

Make The Mic Your Mate

Make the most of what the microphone can do. Knowing how to position your mic and how to talk into it can completely change your sound. It can only take so much of your voice so don't shout into it, make sure you're not popping your "p"s and keep a good distance. Imagine the mic is your friend; you wouldn’t get too close, breath in their face and smack your lips at them. Your mic can and will pick up every noise you make with your mouth, so try not to give your listeners a headache. Equally, make sure your music bed isn't too loud, if you use one, or your callers too quiet. Music beds are best used in short bursts; over long discussions they can sound distracting and unnatural.

Learn The Rules, Then Break Them!

My football coach said to my team once when we admitted we played to the whistle "if you know the rules then you know how to break them"... I've kept to this through life. Knowing how everything is ‘supposed’ to be done is great. It makes life easier and means you can just go through the motions when presenting. But it gets boring. Sticking too close to a formula gets repetitive, and listeners are going to notice you regurgitating the same show over and over. But, if you know how things are ‘supposed’ to be done, you know how to change things up without ruining your shows. Variety is the spice of life, and when you need to spice up a show, breaking free of your normal routine might be just the thing! Get good at learning techniques and understanding what works for you - Rinse & repeat, then reinvent it.

Be in Charge

You are the host - You have a responsibility to be in control of the show at all times. Keep your voice energetic without getting forceful and guide your listener through what you’re doing. Never confuse them by being overly wordy or rambling, and always try to be concise and stay focused on the current subject matter whenever you’re talking. No one is going to complain if you play another song instead of talking and sometimes few words can have a greater impact than many.

Talk to ONE Person

You will know from your own experience listening to radio that it can be a solitary experience. Your audience is experiencing your show as individuals, not as a group of people. Avoid terms like: "anyone out there", "you all", even "some of you" implies you’re disconnected from your listener. An example of this is on YouTube with ho sts saying "hey guys" or “hi everyone”, which talks to a group rather than an individual. The more you cultivate "you and I" language the more you are likely to engage.

Make Your Listener Care

I believe (within reason and Ofcom guidelines) you can talk about anything on the radio. But if you talk about it in a boring, unengaging way then no one will care. If you talk about something, make it gripping, make it a story, unleash your inner poet and turn it into something that will grab your listeners and draw them into the conversation with you.

Know Your Listener

Understand everything about your audience; why they listen to you, when they listen, what they listen on. Build a comprehensive image in your mind of your listeners and who they are. Your aim is to create "me too" moments with your listener and the more you understand them the easier that will be. Once you understand them, draw from your own experiences and relate them to your listeners. People yearn for the feeling of connection that these “me too” moments can bring.


  • Colors: Red and White
  • Mascot: 3/2 Red and White spirit creature token This archetype focuses mainly on using the graveyard to obtain additional effects and resources. In fact, there are cards that get additional bonuses when the graveyard reaches a certain size or that provide token creatures when cards are removed from the graveyard. Generally, this type of deck can function as board control with the removal of Red and White, neutralizing the opponent's possible threats and then giving the final blow with the 3/2 creature tokens.


  • Colors: Blue and Red
  • Mascot: 4/4 Blue and Red elemental creature token This archetype focuses mainly on playing the largest possible spells to impact the game. In order to do so, it uses various means, such as the reduction of casting costs and the temporary ramp provided by the treasure tokens. However, to make sure it doesn't run out of spells to cast, it uses the draw through exile provided by Red or the card advantage provided by Blue. In this archetype, there is also a secondary mechanic present in a "vertical cycle" (consisting of a mythic rare card + an uncommon card + a common card) where you can discard the card to get a treasure token.