Christianity tips

Craft important weapons fast

The first weapon you need in Rust is a spear. In the beginning, you spawn into the game without anything except a torch and the rock. One of the important materials to find is wood. So, once you’ve gathered enough woods, create a spear with the woods to fight off your opponents. The wooden spear is cheaper and faster to make. Moreover, with the spear, you can start fighting immediately because some players might attack you even in the first seconds. Another important weapon is the hatchet. This simple tool is versatile and will even help you get woods faster. Also, you need a hatchet to build your base where you can store your items and go back to after your adventures.

Avoid over-crowded servers

Once you’re ready to play Rust, do some research to find a small server where few players exist. The reason is to face little threat while playing as a beginner because newbies will also choose smaller servers. That way, the die-hard professionals won’t send you out of the game before you get the hang of it. Another reason is that you can learn faster in these maps. Also, gathering materials and constructing your weapons and base won’t be as terrifying. At least, you will face a few opponents and not a swamp of enemies breathing down your neck.

Get your teenager to clean their room.

You can get your son or daughter to clean their room by using your cleverness and humor like the mother below.

Use pool noodles to improve safety.

Pool noodles offer protection for little hands and feet on the trampoline.

Keep the kids from locking themselves in the bathroom.

Keep a door unlocked by using a rubber band. You can find more information on this trick here.

Try vinegar for minor burns.

Just soak a small face cloth or paper towel and apply vinegar to the burn till the skin feels cool. Apply it immediately after the burn and it will ease the pain and prevent a blister.

Add a lint roller to your craft room.

A lint roller picks up glitter (and just about anything else) like a charm!

Prevent your kids from always using new cups and leaving the old ones lying around the house.

Just give them their own cups with magnets and pin them to your fridge. Your kids will love it.

Use this no-mess painting parenting tricks.

Add three dollops of different coloured paint into a ziplock bag and voila! Your baby can create all kinds of designs without any mess.

Invest in a Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror.