Christianity tips

Make a batch of baby food to last for a week.

Freeze baby sized portions in an ice tray.

Allow no wandering in the parking lot with this Parking Pal sticker!

Have your kid place their hand on the Parking Pal sticker so that they won’t get lost.

Buy a Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier.


Use bulletin boards to stay organized.

Try a bulletin board for each kid where you can post reminders, chores for the day, or their schedule. A great place for this is the shoe area or your child’s bedroom.

Write your phone number on your child’s arm when you go on an all day trip.

If he gets lost he can always borrow a phone to call you up.

Use the toy links from your baby’s gym to clip toys to your baby’s highchair or stroller.

Save yourself the bending to pick up the toys which the baby throws every five seconds.

The Nursery Spa will warm towels, blankets, and clothing for your baby.

We know that you’ll also be using

Make bedtime out of this world!

Make your child love bedtime by using funny and speacial bedding.

Use these T-shirts so you don’t loose your kids.

Not only do these shirts make your children stand out but also they will lighten up the mood.

Try cartoon underwear when potty training your child.

The sight of their favourite character will help them think twice! Also try this link for more toilet training tricks.