Chrome tips

Play Media Files in Chrome

Whether you have a video file or an audio file, Chrome can easily play it for you. The media player offers bare minimum features but comes with smooth playback that many will appreciate. Just drag and drop the media file in any Chrome new tab, and it will automatically play. You can also use the open-with option in the Windows context menu to play the file in Chrome.

Browse in private or delete your history

If you don’t want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode. You can also delete your history, cookies, and other information: remove all of it, or just some from a specific period of time. Learn how to use Incognito mode and delete your information.

Open a specific page, or continue where you left off

Set up Chrome to load your favorite page when you first open Chrome on your computer. Or, you can continue where you left off on the pages you had open the last time you used Chrome. Learn how to set your startup pages.

Make Chrome yours with extensions and themes

Personalize Chrome with extensions or a fun theme. You can find new extensions and themes in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Extensions are extra features you can add to Chrome.
  • Themes appear around the border of the browser and show a background when you open a new tab. Learn how to customize Chrome with themes.

Make your own profile

You can have multiple people use Chrome on the same device, each with their own settings, bookmarks, and themes. If you have different accounts, like work and personal, you can use Chrome profiles to keep your bookmarks, extensions, and settings separate. Learn how to add a Chrome profile.

Turn sync on in Google Chrome

When you turn on sync in the Chrome browser, you can save and sync things like your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings to your Google Account. Then, you can get to them on any device. Learn how to turn sync on in Chrome.

Search in a new tab

If you are typing a search query but don’t want to open it in the same tab, then you can open it directly in a new tab as well. Just press Alt+Enter keys after entering the search, and the results will open in a new tab.

Use Chrome search bar as a calculator or unit converter

You can use the search bar to do basic calculations or convert units without having to actually search for results. You can use both symbols or natural language to ask the question. For example, 86*29 or 86 multiply by 29 will give the same result under the search bar. However, do keep in mind that you will still need an internet connection to use this feature.

Search for other tabs

If you have a habit of opening dozens of tabs at a time, then it can become a little difficult to switch between tabs and find the right one quickly. Thankfully, in Chrome, you can just enter the name or URL of the website already opened in a different tab and click on the “Switch to this tab” button that appears to directly go to it.


You don’t need to launch the system’s calculator while you are using Chrome and need to do an important sum. Just type any sum in the Chrome search bar and hit enter for the calculator to appear in front of you without navigating away.