Chrome tips

Autofill Update

Access your data related to credit card and shipping in seconds for uninterrupted online shopping! In this scenario, Chrome works by identifying the form for purchase and the data saved by you from the drop-down list automatically. You will just need to input your CVV number to continue shopping. To activate this feature, go to Settings and then choose autofill followed by adding your payment and shipping details.

Use Google Chrome As Calculator

The Google Chrome Omnibox can act as a calculator. We can just type the calculation and in the auto-suggestion, the result will appear. In the same way, we can also do conversions. Just type what you want to convert and you can see the result.

Cleaning Chrome

Your Chrome browser may get affected sometimes by several factors. Though it’s a speedy browser, if you find something to be fixed, consider using some of its in-built tools by navigating to Settings to select Advanced and then Reset and cleanup. Selecting a cleanup computer will activate the browser’s internal antivirus to locate and eliminate harmful software that can hamper your browser’s performance. In case, this option doesn’t work, select Restore settings to their original defaults to reset the new tab page, startup page, printed tabs, disabled extensions, search engine, etc. Besides, history, passwords, and bookmarks will not get deleted.

Task Manager

With Chrome browser’s task manager, you can monitor various processes and the resources being used by each of those processes. To enable this feature, navigate to the three dots at the top right corner of the browser and then select Tools followed by selecting Task Manager. You can alternatively activate this feature by pressing shift+esc keys. After choosing Task Manager, a pop-up will appear displaying all the extensions, tabs in progress, plugins, and the resources being utilized. In case, you find any process slowing down your browser, close it directly from the Task Manager.

Changing Downloaded File’s Location

If you are unable to find the location of any downloaded file then do not worry! Google Chrome makes it simple for you by letting you access the location where the file is kept. For this, go to Settings, select advanced and then choose Downloads. Now, from location, click on Change. After this, from the pop-up box, save your downloads to a particular destination.

Pin Tabs

Pinning makes sense if you have to work on several tabs at once and need to keep some of them open to ensure that you don’t miss out on something. In this case, you can pin a tab by right-clicking on the tab and then choosing Pin. Doing this will transform the tab into a small icon at the left which will remain there while closing and re-opening the browser window. Besides you can drag to reorder.

Open Any Page at The Start

Chrome makes it easy for you to open a specific page each time you launch the browser. To activate this feature, go to the Settings menu from the three dots at the top right of the screen and then choose Startup followed by selecting what you would want to open at the starting.

Relaunch Accidentally Closed Tabs

Reopening closed tabs is pretty easy. If you have mistakenly closed any tab, just right-click on the menu bar and it will give you an option to reopen a closed tab. You can additionally check your browser history by navigating to three dots at the top right corner of the screen and then selecting History to check recently visited websites.

YouTube Control

Control YouTube irrespective of the currently opened tab. While playing a video on youtube, the browser will feature a music note icon on the top right of the screen. Click on this to see what is currently playing. You can manage playback from the pop-up window or by clicking on the video’s title to force open youTube.

Search Google by Clicking Right!

Did you know Google makes it easy for you to search for anything you want with its in-built feature? Just highlight the word you want to search and then click right followed by selecting Search Google for {text highlighted}. On doing so, a new window will appear. Google search will appear.