Chrome tips

If you need to restart chrome but want your multiple windows and tabs restored - go to about:flags, toggle one setting then click "relaunch now" at the bottom.

Fuck it - this method is heaps better and works, bizarrely

Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn to switch between tabs.

Chrome://history Search Engine.

Right click the address bar > Edit Search Engines* Scroll to the bottom and enter the following in the 3 text boxes * History * history * chrome://history/#q=%sYou can now quickly search your browser's history by typing history [space] Blarg for that website you closed half an hour ago.

Restore Chrome to default settings

At last, if you feel that Chome is not working as expected for you or has altered several settings and are having a tough time figuring things out, you can restore everything to the default state.

  • Go to Chrome Settings and click Advanced.
  • Click Reset settings.
  • Click Restore settings to their original default.
  • Finally, click Reset Settings.

Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome on Mac

Keyboard shortcuts make any task fast and efficient. Chrome is full of keyboard shortcuts that you can use. Some of the helpful ones are listed below. For a detailed list, please visit this official Google support page.

  • Quickly switch among tabs: Press command + option + left or right arrow to switch tabs.
  • Go to a different tab: command + 1 to 9. 1 is the first tab.
  • Go to the right tab: control + tab
  • Go to the left tab: control + shift + tab
  • Instantly go to the URL address bar: command + L
  • Scroll quickly: Press the spacebar to scroll pages.
  • Go to the top or bottom of a page: Press command + up or down arrow key.
  • Open incognito window: command + shift + N
  • Open an accidentally closed tab: command + shift + T
  • Close a window: command + shift + W
  • See downloads: command + shift + J
  • Go back: command + [
  • Go forward: command + ]Tip: On MacBook’s trackpad, you may also swipe right using two-fingers to go back and swipe left to go forward. Press and hold the arrow keys at the top-left of Chrome to see the history.)

Use Chrome URLs

In addition to using the menu options and keyboard shortcuts, you can use Chrome URLs to go to certain settings. For example, typing chrome://downloads in the URL address bar takes you to downloads. chrome://settings takes you to Chrome Preferences (settings), chrome://extensions opens the extensions screen, and so on. You can see a long list of such URLs on this GitHub page.

Use Chrome experimental features

Want to see what all is in work? Well, Chrome lets you test experimental features if you are curious about them. For this, type or copy-paste chrome://flags in the URL. From here, you can choose to enable certain experimental features you like.

Instantly create a QR code of a webpage

If you are signed in to the same Google account on Chrome on your Mac (and even smartphone), you will see the tabs on both. But what if you are reading something on a site using a friend’s computer or you want to look professional? In this case, creating a QR code for the page comes in handy. Earlier I used to use a site called QR Code Generator. But now, Chrome takes care of it. Here is how.

  • Right-click in an empty area of a site.
  • Click Create QR code for this page.
  • Now, open the camera app on your iPhone or Android phone and scan this QR code to open it there. Easy!

Cast your screen

If you own a Google Cast-enabled TV or Chromecast, right-click an empty area of a page and choose Cast.