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A Credit Card is Not Free Money

A credit card is a useful tool in your finance toolkit, but it's not free money. When you purchase something with your credit card, you are borrowing money from the bank. If you don't give that money back in time, the bank is going to start charging interest on your balance. This debt can build up and become a monster if you don't pay off your balance every month. However, if you use a credit card responsibly and pay off the balance every month, it's a good way to start building credit. Most credit cards also have other benefits such as rewards points, cash back, or travel points. So, should you have a credit card? Well, it depends. If you're capable of paying off the balance in full every month, then you should have no problem managing a credit card and staying out of debt. PS: If you are going to use a credit card, you should monitor your credit score & credit report regularly with a free tool like Credit Sesame (or Borrowell if you're in Canada). One last tip: Treat your credit card like a debit card. Pay it off in full every day if you have to. I try to pay off my balance every couple of weeks so that I don't forget. I also use Trim to remind me when payment is due. If you want to take it further, use a prepaid reloadable card instead of a credit card. These cards work just like debit cards, but they have the perks of credit cards. For example, read my Koho Review – Koho is a prepaid card with cashback, budgeting, savings goals, and more. Note that prepaid reloadable cards won't help you build credit though.

Stay Out of Bad Debt

Debt means you owe someone money, and if I've learned anything from gangster movies, you NEVER want to owe someone money. However, not all debt is necessarily bad debt.

Buy a sleeping mask!.

Specifically, buy this one. It's the best.This way, you won't be mad at window tourists like me!Good luck out there!

Resume content.

MS Office Suite" is no longer a resume-worthy skill. That is all. Carry on.​You're welcome.​KB

Multiplying a number by a percent.

This might not be useful, but I hope it is because it helps me a lot with mental math. Basically, if you want 25% of 60, it's the same as 60% of 25. This always works and is sometimes helpful, not always. For example, 17% of 50 is just 50% of 17 which for some reason in my head is much easier to calculate.Anyway, I have my first interview with a firm on Thursday. Wish me luck. Hope this wasn't the worst first post and I hope it won't be the last.

If you have a milestone year, send a concise email to your network at the partner level giving them a heads up.

Breaking down your performance, readiness, and examples of how you are ready for the next level is key in getting partner support. It will also level set you or introduce additional discussion on the topic.Either way - it's a healthy exercise.

Smart Business Card.

One of my colleagues recently showed me this new "smart" business card that has a NFC chip in it. You tap it to other people's phones and it automatically drops your contact information over to them. Really cool applications for networking and easily makes for great conversation with clients.Quick youtube review on how it works: