Consulting tips

Use the Navigation Button for More Room

Selecting the Navigation button will toggle the navigation pane on and off. Turning the navigation pane off gives you additional space to see your notes. Turning the navigation pane on will display your notebook’s name (and the dropdown where you can select a different notebook), as well the current notebook’s hierarchy so you can organize sections and pages.

Share Your Notes

To share an entire notebook, select the Share Button. You can decide whether people with the link are allowed to edit, and premium users can also set an expiration date and/or a password. Before your notebook is shared, you can add a message or just copy the link so you can share it elsewhere, like in a messaging app. If you want to share a specific note, right-click on the note and choose Copy Link to this Page. Then you can paste that link wherever you want.

Use Equations in OneNote

OneNote desktop app users can solve equations right inside the app. From the Insert > Equation menu, you can choose a common equation like the area of a circle from the dropdown. Alternatively, select Insert > Equation, and then on the Design menu choose from among several options for various computation structures. You can even draw an equation with your stylus or mouse. From the Insert menu, select Equation and then select Ink Equation. Scrawl your equation in the box, and OneDrive will clean it up and insert it into your note.

Use the Accessibility Checker

To make your page more accessible to people with disabilities, navigate to a note, and then, from the View menu, select the Check Accessibility button. It will alert you if there are web accessibility issues that can be corrected.

Add an Audio Recording

From the Home menu, choose Insert > Audio. Unlike dictation, recording audio this way won’t insert the text you speak directly into the note. Instead, it creates a .wav file that you can download straight from OneNote.

Dictate a Note

Select the microphone icon to dictate a note as long as your device has an enabled microphone. If you’re using your phone, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard to dictate your note.

Get the OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote offers its free Web Clipper extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. While you browse the internet you can use the OneNote Web Clipper to quickly save webpages to the relevant notebook and section. You can choose to clip the whole page, a part of the page that you select, the contents of an article, or you can use Web Clipper to bookmark the page for later viewing.

Search for Words, Phrases, or Tags

The Search button lets you search across all your notebooks or in a specific notebook, section, or page. Not only can you search for a particular word or phrase, you can also search by tag.

Practices Make Perfect

What if you’ve tried this whole cold calling thing and you’re just not good at it? You get nervous and talk over yourself or perhaps you get dejected when a prospect turns you down. What do you do? Keep practicing. You know the saying that practice makes perfect, and it really is true in this instance. The more you speak with people on the phone, the faster your nerves will dissipate. After a while, you won’t even be nervous about making cold calls. If it’s a rejection that’s getting you down, you have to remember that you can’t take it personally. The most successful sales reps have been turned down, too. Instead of feeling bad about yourself after a prospect tells you no, get introspective. Take some time to ponder why the prospect may have turned you down. Could it be because they didn’t have enough information about the product or service? Was the product a bad match for them? Perhaps it’s too expensive or they don’t need it. Did you do a thorough pitch or did you get nervous and forget some points? How was your tone? Were you friendly or did you come across as too pushy? Keep perfecting your sales approach and you’ll be able to answer most of these questions much more easily.

Be Prepared to Follow up

Don’t leave the ball completely in the prospect’s court, though. According to Peak Sales Recruiting, once you have an initial meeting with a prospect, your work is far from done. You might need to call a minimum of five times from there. At least that’s the experience of most sales teams, about 80% of them. Whether your prospect answers the phone right away or you need to leave them a voicemail, it’s your responsibility to call them back. Don’t wait for them to get in touch with you. After all, you’re the one trying to sell to them, not vice-versa. They have no obligation to maintain further contact, while you do. Related blog: Doing Inbound Marketing Right In 2021 – A Handy Guide [Updated]