Design tips

Explore Typography

Typography is another key element that can make your poster look outstanding. But make sure that the use of typography is unique. One of the characteristics of typefaces is that they add some personality to designs especailly when you create custom logos. Remember that while colors evoke emotions, typography gives a personality to the design. It is to be noted that some of the best posters are those made with colors and typefaces only with no use of illustrations and images. Make sure that you follow the typography principles. Do not use many fonts at one location in the poster. However, you should experiment with typefaces by making them bigger, broader, bolder etc. This is the way to set the tone for your project. Use the typeface that appropriately represents the mood of the event. For example, if you need to show some seriousness regarding an event, use a bold sans serif. But if you wish to enhance elegance, use an italic serif. You can give your poster some playfulness or fun by using a loose handwritten font. When thinking of picking the right fonts, ensure that you use one for the headline and the other for the body copy. Such difference in the fonts will allow for a much-needed contrast for easy reading of the content.

Enjoy Designing

Poster design is the place where the designers can experiment a lot and have fun. This is the design through which you can entertain the viewers with illustrations, funny images, cartoons, vintage elements, loud colors and typography and other elements. You have plenty of crazy things to do with the design. So, try something that others that is unique and memorable. Use your imagination to come out with a design that stands out. Catch the eye of the viewers from a distance with your unique poster. If you are not sure of which idea will be great for your poster, you can think of lending the job to Designhill, which is a leading platform for creating a wide range of cool designs. Just launch your design contest with this site, and you get many unique design ideas from dozens of designers from across the world. You can pick a winning design at an affordable price in a short period.

Pillows Everywhere

Pillows are the perfect accessory to spruce up any room’s decor. You may think they only belong on your bed, but throw some on your couch and even your dining room chairs to add a little bit more cushion. Nothing is more comfortable than a pile of pillows. Go with pillows that different pattern designs in complementary colors for a matching mismatched look.

All About Natural Lighting

Nothing can open up a room quite like a lot of natural lighting. Using natural lighting in your home not only makes any room look more inviting and spacious, but it also comes with a variety of other benefits as well. The more natural daylight you use, the less you’ll have to rely on artificial lighting sources to brighten up each room. This will help you save on your energy bills as you won’t be using as much electricity to keep your home lit. Plus, natural lighting is known as an all around mood booster! If your home is lacking in natural lighting, updating your windows is a good way to start letting more light in. Picture windows are the perfect option as they are non-operating windows that allow unobstructed light to pour in throughout the day.

Decluttering is Key

Whether we see it or not, our homes become more and more filled with unnecessary stuff over the years. One of the best home design tips and tricks we can give you is to declutter. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your loved belongings, just the stuff you simply don’t use anymore. When you keep only what you truly want and need, you may find that you have more space in your home than you thought. However, the main benefit of decluttering is making your environment less busy. Decluttering is key to a less busy and less stressful home life. Source Capital Funding, Inc. states, “In a small home, you can never have enough storage. To make use of your space in the most efficient way, find furniture that incorporates a storage component as well. This might be a coffee table that opens up where you can keep extra blankets and bedding. Or find a bed frame that is raised, allowing you to store out-of-season clothes underneath.”

Work With What You Have

Do you want to revamp the look of your home but not spend a fortune doing it? I think we can all agree that the less money we spend on our home’s decor, the better. The answer to this is simple. Just rearrange your current furniture! Your room can look completely different just by moving a few key pieces around. Pick a new focal point, like your fireplace or a bold piece of art, and rearrange your furniture around it. If you don’t feel like moving any furniture, consider reupholstering items for a fresh look. Slipcovers come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a great way to revive any current furniture. For the frugal-minded, RAMS Home Loans says, “Take a look at some organic, natural pieces of furniture or artwork that are locally made. Consider reversible cushions to give you two looks for the price of one. These are cheap and effective ways to lift a room.” A tip for smaller bedrooms can be to get a California king size mattress instead of a regular king size mattress. Kelsey Down of Sleep Train says, “Most people assume that a California king is the largest size out there. It’s longer than a typical king, but it actually measures 4 inches narrower across. So while you’ll still have plenty more sleeping space than you would on a queen-size mattress, the California king will fit better in an oblong master bedroom and make everything feel less cramped.”

Fake High Ceilings

One of the greatest home design tips and tricks we’ve discovered is how to fake a high ceiling in your home. You might think you’re out of luck if your home didn’t come with them, but there are small tweaks you can do to pull off the perception of sky high ceilings. The first thing is to play with the placement of your window curtains. The trick is to install the curtain rod above the window frame, not right over it. Any curtains or drapes should still touch your floor. This elongates the wall and, as a result, makes the room look taller. Another thing that can be done is placing a long mirror against the wall. It seems simple, but when angled the right way, the mirror can fool the mind into thinking the wall goes higher up than it actually does.

Neutrals Are Always In

Neutral walls give you the most flexibility when it comes to decorating your home which is why this is at the top of our list of home design tips and tricks. You can easily switch up decor and color schemes when you have a simple, neutral base to work with. Another benefit of neutral walls is that if you have small rooms in your home, painting the walls a light color can instantly help them look larger and improve the flow from one room to the next. Almost faking an open concept floor plan.

Make a Good First Impression

Everyone knows that we only get one chance to make a good first impression – the same goes for your home. That’s why it’s important to have a front entryway that will not only look great but also say a lot about you to guests. Show off your personality by adding bold colors, ambient lighting, graphic house numbers and pretty planters to your front entrance. These little touches will automatically improve your home’s aesthetic. Plus, it’s no secret that a beautiful front door can completely transform the overall look of your home. No matter how much you spruce up the surrounding area, without a good looking door, the whole look can fall apart. Designer Pablo Solomon says, “Floor to ceiling corner windows are among my favorite design elements. They can give the illusions of more space, emphasize great views and provide interesting lighting.”

Leverage Social Proof

The last one of our web design tips is about the so-called conformity bias. This is the tendency of people to do as others do. That means, if a group of people approve of something, others are more likely to do that same. One way of leveraging this on your website is to show social proof. If you can show that others have a positive opinion of your site, content, product or service, new visitors are more likely to do the same. You can most easily show this with counts of social shares, media mentions and/or testimonials. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, we have a whole article for you.