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Active Camo Counters Vision Pulse (Sorry if it's already been posted or whatever).

So I played with vision pulse to complete her challenges. I Tagged a spectre who had active camo, I activated it, and ran after him, he then used active camo making me lose the highlight of him and he then killed me. Because I suck.

The goal is to STAY ALIVE!.

Stay alive! If you win a fight, the first priority should be finding health pickups (even if you have the quad, if super low). Don't engage in a new fight until your at least close to full HP and ideally have some armor. If you do, you'll likely be starting the fight at a disadvantage.It's much better to run from the 2nd fight, heal up, then engage with full HP (maybe some armor?) PLUS all your weapons! With all the action in quake, people tend to forget that a death is a point for the other team. Give the other team as few points as possible!

Don't forget about your chocobo companion! They're invaluable for easing the grind to 60.

I went two levels as a White Mage with everything dying painfully slow. It was getting to the point where any quest that required a kill I would just drop if I could.But then I remembered the DPS chocobo I hadn't used in months. I'm not sure if they got a buff, but suddenly I could kill monsters about 30% faster, and the chocobo was frequently pulling threat off of me. I'm 57 now and I can't imagine having done the last few levels without having BenBen the chocobo there to kill things :)

The vertical height of a collectable waypoint always matches the vertical height of the objective/item.

I'm not sure if this is well known of if it has been posted before, but if you get one of the maps that tell you where the collectables are (available at the specialty merchants in Meridian) and place a waypoint on where they appear on your map, sometimes it will appear way above ground, other times it will be underground, but it will never appear exactly on top of the item. It will however always sit at the same vertical height of the objective, cutting your search area into a small fraction of what it is originally.

If Jason stops a car with multiple passengers.

If you have no weapons to stun him with, don't run around the car in circles. Each person should run in a different direction, away from the car. Jason will have to pick one of those and move away from the car himself. The remaining ones can then run back and restart it and there is a chance the person being chased can still be picked up.

The legs of Guardian Stalkers can be cut in one hit with Ancient/Guardian weapons.

If you go to hit the moblie land-guardians (frequent around and outside of Hyrule Castle) they typically take 2-4+ hits from most weapons to cut one of their legs.However, any Guardian/Ancient weapons, regardless of how strong it is, will cut the legs off in a single hit for each leg. Therefore, it's always worthwhile to keep even weak Guardian/Ancient weapons for the purposes of disabling Guardian Stalkers.Tested with a Guardian spear that dealt 10 damage per hit.

Getting in your Luxor deluxe as a passenger will make you undetectable by cops.

Hold circle/B from standstill to walk.

Somewhat helpful for moonfire faire jumping thing. Also pagos, if you're into that.

Shooting Blighting Lion directly at an overload champion negates their health regen.

Noticed this while running Contact yesterday. Unsure if it works for other DoT weapons as I havent tired yet

If you pull the right trigger while navigating through your classes, you'll see you have the option for 3 custom loadouts per class.

For example, you could have an Assault designed for CQB / Tank Mines or another with an Assault Rifle and the Anti Tank gun. I'm not sure what key that is on PC, but I assume it's the standard trigger button. It's pretty sweet that we can quickly change our load out to adapt to the fight!