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Be careful spoofing location if you have Apple Watch, even 1st generation.

So last night I went to the bar after work and told a certain someone that I was working late. I used [[LocationFaker]] to make my phone think I was still at work. I have a first generation Apple Watch which doesn't have gps. That certain someone used find my phone to pinpoint the exact location of my watch. She even sent me a screenshot. WTF? i thought the watch only connected to my phone. even if the bar has wifi, i never agreed to connect to it. What Happened?

Left/Right D-Pad.

PressIng right on the D-Pad zooms your view away from your prop, allowing a greater field of view in open areas, while pressing left zooms in closer and helps you see your position or placement in crowded indoor locations when using larger props.I haven't seen anyone else mention this yet so hopefully this post can help some of you out there.

You can buy the discounted item at the shop to save a point of reputation for the next island.

Since the item on sale costs 1 reputation and can be sold for 1 reputation, there's no penalty for buying and selling later. This is useful if your power grid is full, since the +2 grid defense is basically useless.

Don't capitalize your (Favorite Thing).

I twitch involuntarily every single time.

You can equip the knife at level one through the armory and several guns

Heal leaves a HoT on your allies, take advantage to be more efficient!.

Moira leaves a HoT on allies when healed.  The HoT seems to be about 50 health. It takes while, about 3 second or so. Still, this is quite useful when topping off allies. You can consume little charge while getting that last bit of health. Better than to hold the heal and overdo it, wasting your resource. Further more, it does not seem like the HoT stacks the longer you use it.

If you want to go to the White House and you want to leave the group, don’t leave the group first.

Fast travel first to the White House first. Stand in a public place, that’s an area where you can see other agents, the leave the group and you will not hit another load screen. I get on PC the game can load pretty fast, but on a vanilla PS4, the loads can take a while.

Give Defend orders.

If you are at a stale mate or it looks like you are not going to be able to cap a flag for a while put defend orders down, you get twice the xp than an attack order and its better than leaving an attack order on the enemies gimmie flag that your squad may never capture.

After killing an enemy(s) off an objective in domination, run over the flag to reset capture time.

Let's say there are 3 enemies on A flag. You kill all 3 of them before they have captured the flag. If an enemy were to stand over the flag after you have killed the 3 enemies, the capture bar would be close to/ the same as where it left off from the last attempt to capture. To eliminate this issue, simply run over the flag and the capture bar will reset. I have not yet seen this topic mentioned.

Respec is free, use it often!.

Respec is free and you can use it as many times as possible. Respec to:-Improve mobility for a movement challenge-Put all points into Mario's mushroom ability before hitting a mushroom to get max healing-High ground battlefield? Pump points into extra dmg when in the high groundThere are many more ways to take advantage of the respec, use it!