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[Discussion] I got bored and changed my XS MAX’s lock sound to Minecraft’s “Hurt/Taking Damage” sound. Here is the file so you can too!.

Not really sure why I did this, but if you’d like to change your lock sound as well here is the file!Simply go into Filza, navigate to the UISounds directory, and rename “lock.caf” to “lockOriginal.caf”, then place the Minecraft file you just downloaded from my dropbox into the directory and rename it to “lock.caf”Respring And thats it!As always, I am not responsible for anything you do or damage on your device and be sure to make backups!


It's true, as long as there's some hydrazine in the canister, that's all you need to make a full graphene resource. This means that you can make a fresh hydrazine canister, go to another planet, come back, go to Desolo, come back, and still have a quarter of your fuel remaining that can be use for graphene. If there's any leftover hydrazine around your base that won't get you where you need to go, make full use of it and get graphene!

If you use Elements Unite to farm Standard LVL 40 Joey, he will not use Time Wizard's ability until you summon Gate Guardian.

Since your monsters are unable to attack, I guess the AI sees no reason to risk the coin flip and instead summons monsters in attack mode, or sets Time Wizard. Joey won't be able to get over your monsters with the exception of Thousand Dragon, so you can use Shard of Greeds and Jar of Greeds to continue to draw. The build I'm running uses two gravity axes against Joey, so I wait to draw into one (or until he clogs his field with no face down monsters) then lock down his facedowns, as it is most likely a Time Wizard. Once you have the axe equipped, you can farm as normal.

Treasure Boxes.

If you are worried about inventory space you do not have to retrieve all, or any, of the items in treasure boxes. Once you open a box take out only what you want/need and leave the rest of the items in the box until later.

Bokoblin's weapons standardize when they drown.

I don't know if this has been posted already, but I was fighting a Bokoblin who had Lizal shield and boomarang and when I hit him into the water, he "drowned", but his weapons changed to standard boko club/shield. May have been a glitch or just part of the game. Either way I personally am a little sad I didn't get that gear :P

Use burst first on heroes with armor.

For example as Soldier, You should use Helix Rocket first so the armor is less effective.

How to kill Holler [The Following].

Any toxic weapon does incredible amounts of damage. Toxic bolts with a crossbow will kill him in 20-30 shots. I figured this out when I spent almost half of my Arsenal and guns making a tiny dent in his health bar. Toxic bolts will also installed kill demolishers *

Limbet charge.

Equip a limbet charge and when your covering long distances with no cover, throw a limbet charge ahead of you and let it explode and jump into the hole for instant cover.Also really effect at breaching a house by blowing a hole in the wall and surprising the occupants.

If you can't find a cave, mine the shit out of a column of copper or heridium and take shelter in it.

The acid rain and frostbite can't get you in your new makeshift home. Cheers

If you’re evil and successfully push a lynch on a townie, claim that you are an exe and that was your target. It will explain your def if you have it and the town and other evils won’t waste they’re time lynching/shooting you.

Sorry for long title. I use this in ranked and caa a lot and it’s surprisingly effective (those are the only modes I play, but this works especially well in aa because there is no limits on roles and ne’s are more likely). This could also work if a townie gets random lynched or mislynched, but it’s a little more risky. Make sure you don’t do this if a mayor or jailor gets lynched because they can’t be exe targets.Thanks for coming to my ted talk.