Discussion tips

When loading your grinder avoid putting weed in the middle where the magnet connects. It can cause your grinder teeth to wear down and get dull quickly.

Bait Players With Meds & Items.

If you've played enough PUBG, you know a good number of the players are Loot Thirsty. Aware of your presence or not, a lot of players will risk picking up an AR/SR suppressor, or Medkit/Medbag. A good, sneaky tactic is dropping one of those items near the door, and get into a good position. When the enemy's thirsty ass spots that Suppressor and goes for it, light him up. Free kill. Try it out! Happy hunting!

[Discussion] overheating and battery draining tweak list.

The following tweaks are most suspected to cause overheating, lagging and obviously battery draining problems as they’re depending on UIKit specifically.**- Flame- SwipeForMore I will be adding more tweaks as I test them myself to confirm. For now, just uninstall the tweaks mentioned and you’ll probably be good. ____________________________________________Know that AppList, Rocketbootstrap and Tweakinjector latest versions are confirmed working perfectly.

Introducing your cat to a new environment.

I was watching a TV programme about cats last night, and learnt a new trick: when you need to get your cat accustomed to a new home, or open up a new room to your cat, etc., here's a tip that you can use to help them settle.Get them to leave their scent pheromones on a small piece of material. Present it to your cat,s and let them rub their cheeks on it.Go into the new room and rub the material on soft furnishings, etc. When you cat enters, it'll start sniffing around for all the scent traces in the room - the recognition of it's own scent should make them feel at ease.I've had cats for a long time now and this had never occurred to me before! It seems so obvious, that I wouldn't be surprised if it had been mentioned on this sub before, but there are still posts about helping cats settle.p.s. It did make me wonder as well, whether this could be used to get your cat accustomed to new people/animals, maybe using yourself as a go-between?

You won't make it far on the highest difficulty if you throw damage orbs as Moira.

The burst damage can easily line up to wipe your whole team if you don't have healing orbs ready.GL HF everyone!

Quickly CRTL-jumping with Baptiste results in a Higher Jump and Requires No Charge Time.

Didn't know if everyone was aware. If you hit the CTRL button a tiny bit before you jump, you get about a 15-20% higher jump with no charge time.

If you want to find out if someone has a crush on you, send them an empty message, or just a dot.

If they respond "wtf is this" you aren't loved. But if they respond very sweet they probably like you. I tried this and it works 100%

Illusive talisman refills without using reserves.

The illusive talisman gives you the ability to triple dash to refill your mag, this DOESN'T pull from reserves so if you have a devastator, or another sniper, you can effectively stay in the back forever taking down turrets (such as in tyrant mine). This works really well if you have vengeance matrix which increases damage dealt by 50% and battle inscription which increases weapon damage by 25% as well as the double edged inscription which increases damage by another 35%. All in all you get tons of damage and infinite ammo (as long as you do not let the automatic reload animation play which you can cancel by meleeing or ads).

Turn OFF Spotify's "Normalize Volume" Setting

Switch “Mount” to ADS in settings.

To begin with I had “Mount” set to circle (melee button on Tactical button layout) and felt it was kind of clunky so wasn’t using it much. Since changing to L2 (just requires a quick double tap) I’ve noticed mounting the gun is a lot more reliable and efficient. Really helps when you have a enemy pinned down.