Discussion tips

Do your difficult weekly challenges on Fortnite Mobile.

My friend reminded me that he uses Fortnite mobile to complete his challenges if they appear to be too hard for you on your main device or if you have time to spare at school or work!

When hearing Zen’s Ult, GET IN THE EFFING CIRCLE.

For most of you this is common sense but so many times I throw my ult to counter another ult only to notice my team trying to run away from the genji and getting sliced in half.Or I throw my ult so that we can finally push into the point to notice that I’m literally the only one in it while my team is shooting at the enemy all the way from Horizon Lunar Colony.

Smokes dont render at long distances if your graphics on low.

Learned this the hard way thinking I was safe hiding in a smoke. Guy headshot me twice while moving in a smoke from 400+ meters away

Don’t scratch your face with your thumbs.

This has honestly helped me out a ton because when I’m actually playing for a long time the oils from my face will make my phone screen too slick but if I touch my face it will not be with my thumbs because those are really all you use to play.I should probably put my phone down and go for a walk or something...

The car horn can be heard much further than the vehicle itself.

I can't count now how many times I've gotten kills because I heard the car horn. I never would have known they were there because I believe the range on vehicles is 100M, but the horn is much further. Use the horn sparingly because it can definitely draw unwanted attention

Bikes are awesome & wicked fast. If you are in air & don’t want to lose control then always land on front tyre.

I love flying in map with bikes with randos & impress then with my awesome driving.

Prioritize Bastion over Orisa.

For the first Orisa you can really do w/e tho because that bastion doesn't really affect the fight since she just moves in past his sight)Bastion's turret damage makes it impossible to deal with the Orisa without getting murdered. Once the bastion is dealt with however, The team can begin moving into Orisa's killzone. If all you're doing is poking at the choke trying to destroy the Orisa's barrier and get the smallest chip damage it isn't going to work.

Let the Reaper Ambush You.

Now this is a rather strange tip given that you cannot run away from a battle when ambushed. There is a silver lining to this however. The reaper will only attack one turn instead of the default two. It means that he won't instantly nuke you with Concentrate and Megalodoan on the same turn. It's far easier to deal with him when he's limited to one action per turn. ONLY ENGAGE HIM IF YOU ARE READY TO FIGHT HIM. I seriously urge you to be at least level 70 to deal with him otherwise you will run into SP problems even if you manage to whittle him down. This is entirely based on my experience and this may be a well known tip, but I haven't seen it circulated, so here you go. Let me know if I got this wrong or if there are other circumstances I should address.

Aim at people's feet/knees now.

Headshots galore.

If you want to actually search for a Friday Night Battlefield game in the browser, change the ticket rate to 200 and they'll pop up.

Originally I was hitting quick match for it and the game's genius match maker first put me in a match with 15 people in it, then the following match it stuck me in a lobby where nobody spoke english and my ping was absolute shit. You can find actual Friday Night Battlefield lobbies by changing the ticket rate to 200% in the customization tab for filtering the browser and then they'll pop up.