Discussion tips

Lay a layer of toilet paper down in the toilet water to prevent splash noise when pooping in public.

Credentials? I’ve been pooping since I was born.

If your with someone you hate, ask to rip their nicotine and rip the device through the wrong end.

I don't vape, but before corona happened, whenever I was in the school bathroom and a kid I hated would walk in, I would ask him if he had nicotine, and I would rip the device through the wrong end. It doesn't work for some devices, but for a lot of them, ripping them through the wrong end will fuck up the device and leave them fiending for nicotine. The great part about it is that they won't notice until later, so they can't blame you.

When skydiving from the bus, you can place yourself above a slipstream to prevent your glider from opening so that you get to the ground sooner.

S9 is my favorite season right now just because I don't have to spend another 30 seconds slowly gliding into wherever, just straight into a slipstream, then straight out onto a gun.

Open the window blinds and immediately feel happier.

I would post cool pictures of the sunset out the window, but it’s Friday

If you want to spot people hiding in bushes, use a flashlight.

Never seen it suggested here before, not even on the BSG forums.After a couple of years of playing and only discovering this technique about 6 months ago..it's paid off time and time again.It has something to do with how a PMC can blend in a bush in between the green leaves and the dark spots/shadows it overcasts upon itself.Flashlights eliminate all bush shadows and they look so much more visible.

Dropping scrolls on non-burnable tiles before testing for Liquid Flame.

For example, you have a barricade room and many potions. You should drop your scrolls and other burnable items (meat, I think is all) on a tile that is not adjacent to a burnable tile. Then, you can kinda safely drink random potions at the barricade. Another tip, items in your inventory are in the order found, except if you already have one, then they will stack. So you should drink your potions from last to first, or if you remember which potions you found on the floor.

Explosive damage can be done with IO guards .

You can do the explosive damage with IO guards . You can also use the UFO for this . I got it all done in one game . Good luck have fun .

Try to engage when your boots on the ground !1.

I was getting really stressed while playing, then i started to change up my gameplay style.I went from the BO3 style which was engaging all battles in the air to slowing my game down and tackling the on the ground. it helped so much.I am easily taking on two/three man groups with no problem now.

Use the interaction menu to change and preview a new apartment style.

You can change or preview a different style for your apartment by going to your apartment, open your interaction menu, choose apartment style, and choose the one you want to preview or buy. Now you don't have to pay the full price!