Discussion tips

If you want to make a concept, redesign or anything thats on IOS 10 this is for you.

Read a novel while waiting to join or host various lobbies.

Take a college coarse. Learn another language. Watch grass grow.

Create a shortcut of the game exe to get a high quality icon

People who are fasting till sunset can use the sunrise/sunset complication. It will also show how much time is left.

Dont just smoke the bridge on Op. Breakout. Throw smokes at the enemy spawn/sniper headglitches to force enemies closer to you while also blocking their line of sight of the bridge.

Sometimes its hard to see the snipers headglitching the truck, so smoking their line of sight forces them to come out of it and come closer which makes it easier for your team to pick them off or gain time to build the bridge instead of getting sniped by someone you can barely see. So if your teammates already smoked the bridge, smoke the enemy spawn for extra effect!

If the focal point of your background is on the right side of the screen, you should flip it.

Having the focal point of your background being on the left (Like for example an anime loli) will be noticed more on song screen selection.----Example:* Focal point on right side* Focal point on left sideLooks better right?------Only time I would suggest not flipping if the focal point is in the middle or there are letters in your background; imo it would look even uglier if you have backwards letters that look out of context.----I know most people are lazy af so if you link your background I'll flip it for you lol.

Her rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fire a projectile when not.

Ana's rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fires a projectile when unscoped. If you're unaware, hitscan pretty much means it will hit instantly, or at least as fast as the server will recognize it. Unscoped it will fire a projectile, much like Hanzo's arrow. No damage falloff, and no headshot bonus on either mode. Also, no damage increase when zoomed in.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry0GdtQP9XE

When Getting Shot from an Unknown Location, Go Prone.

When you're getting shot at, and you're not sure where the shots are coming from, your best bet, especially if you're in the open, is to immediately go prone and remain still. Players cannot see you unless you are crouched or standing, and going prone makes you less of a target, regardless of the scope the enemy is using. Do this, and ~~my~~ your Chicken Dinner will be easy as pie!

I️t took me 55 hours and 2 prestige’s to realize that in your Dossier Special Helmet menu there is a small option in the corner of the screen to “Restore Uniform Helmet”. This allows you to use the cool hat/helmet/beret that was DESIGNED for your uniform, not the standard helmets in the menu!.

I love this game, but there are many things about the menu system that I find to be confusing or hidden. I was in a War match yesterday and I saw that a teammate had the Soviet Winter outfit on but instead of the standard 3 helmets he had a furry winter hat with ear flaps. I was like wait... how the hell did he get that? So I checked the menu and to my surprise there was the “Restore Uniform Helmet” option. This makes your character so much more authentic in my opinion. I’m sure a lot of you already knew this, but I figured I would share it for the probably many of you who didn’t.

If enemy pushes the playload to the end, it doesn't mean that you lost the match, you can allways do the same faster.

It happens frequently that someone in match gives up or even leaves it after 1st half defending and enemy pushes the payload all the way. This is even more frustrating when attackers trigger overtime before they get it to the end and then someone on the defendenig team decides ok we lost this. In reality if the 1st attacker triggered OT there is plenty of time for the 2nd attackers get it there faster. So don't give up on the win!