Discussion tips

Avoiding "Been here all along!".

Sombra will come out of invisibility silently if she uses an emote - I recommend "Hold On" as it is a short and silent emote - Amused and Masterpiece have audio with the emote and are quite lengthy.

You can put away your weapon by hitting L1 and pressing on the right stick.

Just thought I'd let all of you photo guys know just in case you were waiting patiently for Aloy to put away her weapon passively, this should help speed things up (:L1 + press right stick

R/pokemongo has an organized "Idea" thread that Niantic reads. Post there if you want your suggestion to be seen.

You can create a self radio by pasting a shortcut to desired music files in the User Music folder.

The folder is probably located here for you C:\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music

Plant Wheat everywhere on your farm 4 days before Autumn.

This works best for when you don't plant Blueberries or things that have multiple harvests with one plant. ***That way, they will be fully grown on the 1st of Autumn and all you will have to do is to harvest everything with your scythe for some extra money and plant your Autumn crops right away without spending any energy at all. The fertilizer from the previous Summer will also stay there - saving you from spending too much money on fertilizers. *** As well as saving money, you won't have to water (if you have sprinklers) and Hoe everything on the first of Autumn; so use that to your advantage and go on a fishing or mining trip! Keep in mind that this doesn't really work with bushes or continuous crops like Blueberries since you'd have to pickaxe them all and replant - way too much work. ***

Mei's wall is great for assisting Mercy with rezzes.

It's probably common sense to most, but I've been seeing some Mei's in my games paying close attention to our Mercy and providing walls for her when she needs to rez.It's great to see this, especially since nobody has been asking them to do it. So just a friendly tip for anyone who likes playing Mei, take care of your Mercy, get more out of your rezzes :)

If the enemy team has a Zen and keeps ruining your Zaryas ults, get an Ana.

As soon as your Zarya ultimates and everyone's captured, throw your biotic grenade down range. Watch as their team gets wrecked even though transcendence is up. I'm astounded at how little I see this.

Pretend the enemy team is your Lucio and/or Mercy.

If you dodge them half as well as you dodge your healer, you won't need healing!I kid, but in all seriousness, I had a match last night where I was playing Lucio, and my team kept scattering in front of me like cockroaches running from the light. I finally gave up on even trying to heal and went DPS.I know people rage about healers/support switching classes, but if you're not going to take advantage of having me in the support role, I'm going to switch to something that will at least enable me to be somewhat effective.

Explosive Damage to Yourself Counts as Damage to Others.

Easy way to complete your challeneges! GLHF!

Hitting a denied ward gives vision.

Whether it be from sweepers or a control ward, hitting the enemy ward gives vision temporarily. Knowing this will single handedly save you some games. I recently had a game where the enemy team had 0 vision on baron. No control wards or enemy team in the pit to give vision because of the control ward I placed. However, someone on my team hit a ward and gave vision to the enemy team, showing that the baron was at 2k hp. This immediately made the smite 50/50 which we lost and the baron was stolen. This tip is also useful for ganking because you can enter a warded bush with sweepers and you will not be seen. Only time destroying the ward is required is when it’s a control ward because vision from a control ward cannot be denied.