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Disneyland is the place to be for Pokéstops.

Http://imgur.com/a/lDCvhEvery single ride and statue has a Pokéstop for Pokemon go. It's ridiculous. I bet the same would apply for Disney World and any amusement park like Six Flags

When a peasent tells you the eye can't see above 24fps, tell them this.

Then why are the few games that can run 60fps on console not locked at 24fps so they can prioritize graphics?". Told this to my peasent friend. He didn't have a response.

Keep warding even at lower elo.

I just played some games using lower elo account and I noticed that junglers there are terrible at helping their laners - many times I got fed at toplane and the jungler did not really help at all to loosing lane.This makes me thinking if people are having low vision score at lower elo because they used to not having such a need.Nevertheless, please, keep warding your lanes because once you climb it will be hard for you to keep up with vision when you need it. Its very, VERY annoying when there are no wards on map and everybody have god damn yellow trinket in their equipment.Long time ago Riot made wards for free and people still struggle to use them

Don’t take PcPartPicker prices as gospel...

This isnt a dig or anything like that towards PCPP. PcPartPicker is amazing and its been the driving force of my newly found enthusiasm for PC building. However before you buy from a link they provide just type the product/part into google search and click ‘Shopping’. A lot of my parts so far have been a fair bit cheaper than on PCPP. £20 cheaper on google for my cooler. Again this is meant to be more of a top tip rather than a dig at PCPP as what they do is invaluable. Seems like an obvious thing to do for most but for many new builders like myself i almost got too excited and bought directly from a link.

Don't use elixirs and leppa berries out of combat! If the move is a TM, replace it with another TM and then the original move again. You'll get full PP.

Discovered this when I ran out of moves for psychic at the League.

Never devolve a shudderwock filled table.

Don't say "I/Me" - say your Hero name.

This is a common thing I encounter. People often say "Help me!" or "I need heals" or some other request/demand using a personal pronoun. Try to avoid doing this - instead, use your hero's name. "Ana needs peeling in the back" or "Tracer needs heals."Why? Because it's quite easy for player's to miss who said something, particularly at lower ELOs where situational awareness is typically reduced and/or occupied by other things. The voice icon is relatively small and flashes quickly, especially for shorter communications.This is a simple and easy practice that can improve communication and teamwork.

Don't hit a disabled enemy ward if it's going to compromise useful information for the enemy team.

If your teammate is next to you (jungler or roaming lane) while you hit the disabled ward then it will show you and the location of your teammate which gives the enemy team a slight edge. Also if you're doing baron or dragon and you hit a disabled enemy ward in the pit, you're losing dps on the objective and potentially showing them the HP of the objective.

Password length.

We have a wireless router. When you create a password, it only accepts 14 characters. I generated a random 16 character password. When I set the password, I copied and pasted it into the field, and it automatically truncated the last two digits and stored only 14 characters. Then when I tried to login, the login field accepted the full 16 characters but then, of course, it said that the password was wrong (because the real password only had 14 characters).Anyway, I reset the router to factory settings several times this morning until I figured out what was going on. Just something to keep in mind if you can't access a device right after you changed the password.

In our NY slack team, it has been reported that we tripled the number of people signing up to the mailing list from a tabling event with a very simple language change: "Would you like us to let you know when Bernie's coming to NYC?"