Discussion tips

Flipping your Ice Wall and putting it into the group of enemies does a great job disrupting/reducing their movement to make shooting them easier.

Just a nice way to use Ice Wall on cooldown. Try it out.

If it's not imminent that you clear the wave, let your low heath teammate with lifesteal/vamp/healing clear it.

Most people will just perma clear every wave as soon as possible, but if someone needs the heal, it can be super helpful to sit out the shoving for a few seconds, especially if there's an incoming fight or objective.You'll want to do this for champions that very obviously benefit from lifesteal of course - let the AD clear it if they're low. Let the top laner with ravenous hyrda get in a few autos. My goodness give the poor half health Maokai a single autoattack for his massive passive heal! Hextech gunblade users are also often forgetten - people like Katarina, old LB / Akali, etc.Perhaps not particularly helpful if the rest of your team isn't aware and there as well, but hopefully will help in some situations ^.^

When you hook someone as Roadhog, you can just hold down m1 to make your gun fire at the first active frame.

You know that down time when you're waiting for your newly hooked enemy to be dragged into you and you're timing just when to push m1 to try and get the shot in at just the right time? Just hold m1 and you'll get it perfect every time. Not sure if this is well known info but I didn't find out until like a week ago and I'm sitting at nearly 100 hrs.

Use Shoes.com or Urban Outfitters.

If you're a fan of Vans and deals, you'll know they basically never go on sale, except for the occasional outlet deal. If you want a classic color for slip-ons, Authentics, whatever, keep an eye out for the times when Shoes.com has a 20% rebate or check for good sale codes from Urban Outfitters, like the 20% code you get for your half-birthday

Join the enemy team's chat to get the inside scoop.

This just happened in my competitive match. Sombra's gone too far.http://imgur.com/a/mI0fW

Instead of introducing yourself as a Hanzo main, instead say you're a projectile main.

We all know people hate Hanzo mains, but by saying you are a "projectile main" instead, they will think that you also play accepted picks such as Junkrat and Pharah, maybe even Orisa or Zenyatta, and be less critical of your actions. If you picked Hanzo, you must know what you are doing and think he is the proper pick if you can play the other heroes but chose not to.

Roamers have legs and can move.

If I make a call out that a roamer is in a room, that info is only good for a couple of seconds. I made a call out that pulse was in kitchen. My friend then gets killed by pulse about 30 seconds later. My friend got mad at me and blamed me for his death. Just because a callout is made, doesn't mean it's true for the rest of the match.

How to win when you have 5 DPS on your team.

Assuming no one is throwing (going AFK, jumping off the map) there is a very simple tip that will at least give you a chance to win.Just pick Zen.Why? Because, you will have like a lot of damage. That easy.Just think about it for a second. Did you ever got rolled by a more than 3 dps team? Why would you need tanks or heals is the enemy takes so much damage that can't even show his face?Of course this is a garbage tip. I mean, what else can you do when you already have 5 dps?PD: This is heavily countered by dive, but a tilted team does not think.


Mad simple, but if you have someone stuck in a trap, and you cant finish em, drop a trap right behind em. They'll instinctively move backwards, and walk right into a new trap. Clip here basically shows ithttps://clips.twitch.tv/HonestAwkwardShrewHotPokket

Exit and enter big picture mode easily.

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but if you click Alt + Enter on steam it will go into Big picture mode, also vice versa. Its been really help full for me since using the marketplace and other things just are not as smooth/easy to use with big picture open.