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Play SnD to level up weapons faster.

From my experience, leveling up your weapons is quite a bit faster in SnD. Recently, I leveled up my Vesper from level 1 to 8 in just a single game.

Keybind "Thanks" to an easy-to-reach button to let people know you appreciate healing etc.

I bound my "Thanks" voiceline to "4" on the keyboard, and whenever I get heals now, I drop a "Thanks" to the healer etc., which in my opinion has had a small effect on how toxic some people are. Also, my friend who mains Mercy says that every time someone thanks her, she's furtherly encouraged to stay on as Mercy etc. So remember folks, thank your healers!

[discussion] [recipe] alternatives for cravings.

What are some of your alternative for cravings, or low cal/safe recipes? I like to make green tea with stevia, put the tea in ice cube trays and snack on the ice cubes when i have a sweet/ice cream craving. also freezing chocolate/vanilla almond milk and adding fruit is a good one for sweet/cold cravings.

Copy this image into MSpaint and design ships at work or school.

HUD Size.

So, for some reason DICE has made the default Minimap in this game practically useless. I see a lot of new BF players on here with concerns about map awareness and the positioning of the enemies. As a long time COD player, like many people currently transitioning to BF1, looking at the Minimap every 2 seconds is just an unshakable habit. Thought I would leave this here to help people find a way to use the map, that actually improves the gameplay experience. Go to; Options > Gameplay > Minimap. Change the Minimap size to around 150%. Then alter the On Foot Zoom to 300%.

Turn off Screen-Space Reflections.

Before i had 80fps, after turning them off i'm getting 88-90fps, obviously it depends on what rig you're running but it really hammers performance for a small difference in visual quality, here are some videos and pictures showing the difference with both reflections on and off:MGS V: http://international.download.nvidia.com/geforce-com/international/comparisons/metal-gear-solid-v-ground-zeroes/metal-gear-solid-v-ground-zeroes-screen-filtering-screen-space-reflections-comparison-1-on-vs-off.htmlFallout 4: http://images.nvidia.com/geforce-com/international/comparisons/fallout-4/fallout-4-screen-space-reflections-interactive-comparison-001-on-vs-off.htmlSkyrim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVT1lcN4ZUICertainly looks nice, but not worth it if you don't have a high end build IMO.

If you're an Engineer, BUILD THINGS

Reaper, Lucio, and Pharah can ult and teleport at the same time.

PharahLucioReaper If someone actually managed to get this off in-game, that'd be insane.

Use Simeons Vehicle requests for free metallic/pearlescent combinations.

When Simeon requests a highend car, you can now paint it for free. This gives you unlimited time to mix and match colors seeing which goes well with each pearlescent paint for FREE. I've found a few unique blue and white combos that go quite well and hope this is of use to some

Do not subsume warframes that require Bile before reaching 8th metamorphosis.

I made a spreadshit for the resources needed to subsume all warframes and came to the whopping 1642% Bile that I need to subsume everything. Before reaching 8th metamotphosis you can't use sentient resources to increase its appetite for other resources so I recommend only feeding it with Bile only if it's in the green bonus zones.Here is the total ammount needed:Oxides: 1940%Calx: 1738%Biotics: 1484%Synthetics: 1037%Pheromones: 1445%Bile: 1642%I died inside. Even after my 2.4k hours I am still not even close to having that much bile. I almost ran out after subsuming a few frames and infusing a few abilities I liked.This is my spreadsheet, all data in it is from the wiki.Also note that these resources are only for subsuming all warframes and do not include injecting any of the abilities.