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Insert a carrot into your pp hole to get night vision

Del is your Spirit Bomb - if there is one in your game, you must give him your energy to succeed!.

Nothing makes a Horde game sadder than an energy starved ~~Spirit Bomb~~ Del. Seriously though, Del can use your energy to fuck shit up.

Facial cleansing oil before liquid soap! Removes all liquid makeup as well as brown pigment from bronzer/contour as well as most reds from blushes/eyeshadows

Having a Xbox One Controller plugged in, will cost you ~15-20 FPS.

Yes.I dont know why, i just tested it. Vanilla Skyrim (with NLVA)Without Controller plugged in, 91-93 FPSWith controller plugged in (before starting) 75-76 FPSWhen you pull it out while playing you will also get the boost.Can anyone confirm test, or maybe I just have some of the weirdest driver issue.

Don’t have time to make coffee in the morning? Put the grounds in a line and snort those fuckers!

Instead of focusing on blaming an uncooperative teammate, focus on what you can control, your own reaction to the situation, potentially salvaging the game.

This message should be promoted more, I can think of so many games I had in comp when people throw their whole focus at the teammates who onetricks or just picks what they want no matter what, reacting to them by blaming and picking nonsense themselves. It only creates toxicity or forces that player to mute.It's a FACT, you can't control some strangers behaviour, what you can do, is control your own, even if you end up with 5 DPS it's still salvagable if teammates are supportive.And logic that "I don't want that guy to win, so I just throw as well." makes no sense and should be reported.Not to mention that the selfish teammate will be more willing to switch and see error in his ways, if other teammates act maturely.

You Can Use The New Map Markers to Get The Most Efficient Drop Possible.

Set your map marker where you want to drop in the pre-game lobby. When you’re on the bus, watch the distance tracker that shows you how far your marker is. It will keep getting closer and close, until eventually it stalls out and starts getting further away. This is when you want to drop, right when the distance calculator stops moving. This is when the bus is the closest it will get to your drop and lets you know the precise moment to drop to get there the fastest. A lot of people don’t use markers in solo games so I thought it was worth mentioning how they can be used to get the fastest drops.

Use Piledriver as a Double-Jump to get to Ledges Infront Of Hammond.

The ability moves Hammond forward a short distance as you would know attempting to land on the edge of terrain—but it also raises Hammond into the air a bit more, and using this and the payload you can jump and use Piledriver to reach ledges just out of reach.

Quick Friend Refresh.

So i just realized that you can refresh the friend list quickly without restarting the app. BUT! This can be done for the crystal farming event period. What you wanna do is, enter any crystal stage like normal, choose your friend unit (the one that you did not want to use). Give up the stage, without even entering the first one, and there you go! No NRG lost and less time consumed to refresh units! :)

You can activate your E instantly based on your current fire mode.

Basically the title. If you activate your E while holding down left mouse button it will fire the healing orb instantly and if you activate it whilst dealing damage it will send a damage orb.