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If your pen writes dry, try flossing with an envelope window.

Hi everyone, just thought I'd share something I'm not sure is common knowledge. If your pen writes dry, separate the tines (gently) and insert an envelope window from a bank letter etc. Then move the window back and forth to floss the pen. A lot of people think you need brass micromesh to do this, and though it does work well, not everyone has it to hand.I've just taken an extremely dry Kaweco sport EF and turned it into a smooth, consistently wet writer using this!Feel free to comment if you've tried this before!

White Apple Watch Sport band stains.

Found a great solution for removing stains on my white sport band and it doesn’t require an abrasive magic eraser that changes the texture of the band. I took one or two drops of lemon essential oil on a paper towel and it rubs the stains right off like magic! Hope this helps someone!P.S. This also completely removed blue jean stains from my AirPods case too! :)

Console repairing does have a visual cue during QTE.

When repairing console players have a disadvantage. The mouse button QTE is a lot easier to react to since it is a very visual cue. Console players have to react to letters, which takes longer to react to. However pay attention on the console QTE prompt--there is a difference in the symbol for RT and LT. The red highlight on the shoulder of the symbol does switch from right to left. Since I've started focusing on that I've had much better consistency repairing than trying to focus on the letters.

Press right on the d-pad to change fly modes in the Hydra (Hover or normal).

Took me a while to find out :P

If you don’t have anywhere for the sound bar on top, mount it UPSIDE DOWN so the bass has something to bounce off of.

Carry multiple sets of armor.

Https://imgur.com/a/TZap3Something I learned about halfway through the game is that it is very beneficial to carry multiple sets of different armor. Any time you are about to engage in a fight, scan the machine first to see what their strength is, then switch to the according armor. I've found that the main types are electric and frost, so I bought those first. Eventually I also bought the other elemental types and the melee/ranged defense armor. Also, the Nora silent hunter armor is excellent, easily my most worn armor. My last little tip is that you should check your armor and weapon mods frequently to see if you might have picked up something that works better without realizing it!

Climb as high as you can!.

I've been having a blast exploring the topography of this world and I can say that if you're a collector, the korok seeds can be found in the highest of mountains. Climb as high as you can go and look for features that stand out.

To avoid listening to a teammate spam selecting a character, simply hit F1 for the info screen and wait out the setup timer.

You can still hear and speak in voice, and use the text window. That is all.

You can use resistors to unclog a 0.4mm extruder.

I have a bunch of resistors from when I used to work with arduinos. They are incredible cheap and are just the right size to fit into the nozzle. It helped me unclog my Wanhao i3

A fully charged shot from the Sparrow can disable the robot in one shot.

Just tried this out today and it's pretty good. Any other Specialist abilities have a similar effect?Edit: So yesterday I seem to remember one-shotting the robot with the Sparrow multiple times, but I was playing after I posted this and it's taking two shots now...Whoops...Anybody else seeing the same?