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The field gun at the Ottoman spawn on Fao Fortress can reach the fort walls and towers.

A team of fairly decent snipers on the Fortress walls had us pinned on G while their team retook it. After a few deaths I'd had enough of G so spawned back at the Ottoman spawn point and noticed the field guns. There was a lot of heat haze and the gun had to be pitched up quite a bit...but I got a bunch of kills out of it. The same guy more than once.

You can drop items while downed.

You know, for when you get downed with a suppressor and are extra salty

Weigh your new filament spool before you print anything with it.

Write total the weight on the spool, so when you get close to the end you know approximately how much you have left. This is in lieu of having an identical empty spool of which to weigh. I wish I had thought of this sooner. ^Disclaimer: ^I ^am ^not ^a ^pro.

For those already Tier 100, save your daily missions until the next season for an extra 1.5 battlepass tiers.

It’s not much, but anything helps and apparently this isn’t common knowledge.

Don’t waste ammo on the Wüstling.

If you find yourself wasting a bunch of ammo on the Wüstling, buy Faustblitz, take out your shovel, and whack him four times. When you have your shovel out, use your primary fire button, not melee, as melee does a linger animation and leaves you vulnerable so he can hit you.

This is wailing wood

Made a mistake? No worries.

Sorry guys I just got this during the sale” “Misclick sorry” “Nameplate didn’t show up” “Omg I thought we were playing AAS that’s why I built such a big FOB” “allahu akhbar!!” “I was trying to be aggressive” “I didn’t flip the logi it just flipped for no reason” (probably true).

Always trade.

Your first pick got hard counter? Hard counter tgeir secondpick. Enemy got dragon control? Go for herald.Opponents jungler camping bot? Go and camp top or if u cant take his jungle.Is your laner roaming? Take turret platingsWhatever happens ALWAY trade back something. If you just keep last hiting while the enemy outrades you constantly that will decide the game.

Turrets can eat half of a grafton’s health before killing it.

It’s a great way to save ammo against them.

EMP can also act like a Double Jump.

watch meFYI: This small little tip can help you make a nice fatty EMP in maps where there is no center (kinda like the hole in one of the points of Oasis). You can clear the gap if you hit Q when skipping across.