Discussion tips

If you see a shrine you want to get back to later, use your Sheika Slate to tag it, then replace the tag with a sticker

Buy children's Tims bc they're mad cute ??

Man's best friend is horse.

While riding a horse you can drop ammo and med pack, thats obvious BUT dropped ammo pack also refreshes your main spec ammo while you are on a horse. In addition with current "instant gadget/granade" refresh you can quickly get your crucial stuff like AT Gun ammo or flares without getting angry at teammates.

When searching for "fishing only" (according to serebii) Pokemon, you can use the DexNav and surf to find them.

I'm a fairly casual player, so I apologize if this is already well known. I just discovered it today and thought it might be useful. I was spending way too long fishing to catch a feebas on route 119 during my latest playthrough, so I tried searching it on the DexNav and it worked. This will save an immense amount of time when searching for the right nature, so I thought I would share it for anyone else who may not already know.

Discord Bots.

If you don't have one yet in your character's Discord, you should definitely do that.In the Ivy Discord we recently instituted robotic fascism to universal critical acclaim (it even silences dissent!). I set up the bot to link to our matchup guide with a !matchupguide command, display frame data and gifs with !(move), and send an alert when a stream goes live.There's alot of other useful applications and even some we haven't come up with yet, but it definitely can help out alot in your community.Check out the Mee6 bot or another from the list here.

Always bring food into the mine.

It can help you get one more floor down, and that might get you to the next checkpoint :)

Remember to do the Game Time live event.

With some of the season score objectives being do 5/10/15 repeatable sets, might as well do this one. It gives you 30 collectibles, so super easy way to know the objective out for no cost with just a little bit of patience.

Maelstrom/mjollnir damage works with sticky napalm.

Most items that deal multiple instances of damage like urn and radiance dont work with stick napalm because they'd be op but maelstrom and mjollnir's chain lightning and the lightning shell from mjollnir do work. so i guess if you ever wanted to try a carry batrider with like mjollnir octarine or something now you now that you can. also useful knowledge for ability draft

Windows key" + "arrow key" moves windows programs from one monitor to another.

Hey, so i am actually guessing most here already knew of this handy little trick. I didn't and just wanted to rely this info to anyone who didn't know either. If only one of you now know one more handy shortcut my work here is done.

Perk Rolling Lag.

So this is a small tip that may help out someone ; rolling perks in the main menu is quite delayed. Animations are very slow and take an unnecessarily long time to finish. To alleviate this, enter a private match with yourself and roll perks. Boom. No more slow animations. Nice, speedy, quick. If anyone would have an answer as to why it’s slower to roll in the main menu then it is when in a lobby, I’d love to know.