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You can pick up items while reloading with right clicking.

How title says, I've noticed that "F looting" and drag looting interrupts your reload, while right click looting from tab menu doesn't, is this a bug?

Use the fighter pilot map as a personal mini-map!.

Just nocited today that, when holding the map for the fighter pilot killstreak, it shows where your team mates are (good to know if spawns have flipped) and if any enemies are firing, you can see their most recent position!

You need at least 2 front liners to have a chance at winning.

Time and time again people don't realize without at least 2 tanks, your chances of winning casual clash are low. Everyone wants to do damage and be the hero but they forget you need set up for that damage, or else the squishes will just run away and play safe (doing little damage) or go up front and die and do little damage.

Don't go to Menu when Dead in Operations (PC).

Nearing End of Round when you are dead and you press (ESC) to open menu, Guess what? the only options there is to QUIT.Good f*cking job Dice. Way to force quit people who are using basic game functions. WTF is PTO for?

Please wait to see the success rate. DON’T RUSH.

Just opened Apollo and saw 6+ posts of people going into bootloop. Why are you rushing? Wait so you can see the success rate of the exploit.

Dropping with the new ship speed.

Now that the drop ship has had a huge speed boost, it travels much, much faster than your character can glide. If the drop ship is passing over or near where you want to go, you’re far better of dropping when you’re about a 45 degree angle and a couple hundred meters from your target than dropping when you’re 1200 meters away.

Tweaks/Dependencies that won’t let you turn on RSD Toggle.

I’ve been testing tweaks from very first beta of unc0ver that supported iOS jailbreak, till now beta ~46 i come to know there are quite a lot of culprit tweaks.Common ones are posted everyday. Rocketbootstrap is safe. Top on the list is Cephei thats commonly used by Notifica and Xeon (Zeppelin alternative) applist.dylib its a dependency for quite a few tweaks. Long story short you can remove them to prevent rsd toggle thing or you can have it and use this workaround for turning RSD toggle on.1.Load Tweaks —> OFF 2. Reload System Daemons —-> ON 3. Jailbreak 4. Run iCleaner and press clean and respring (or just enable through settings all the tweaks and then respring) 5. Done

Don't post your account name here.

So I just woke up to over 30 emails of multiple people from all over the world trying to log into my account, luckily I had two factor authentication enabled.What happened was I got into a stupid argument about game stats and posted a link to my account on a tracker site. I guess people saw that I was being a dick and decided to try and get into my account.Please everyone make sure you have two factor authentication enabled, if you don't know how to do it, log into your account at unrealengine.com go to password and security, scroll down to the bottom and click enable.

The Heavy Assault unit is immune to knockback.

I'm pretty sure someone has posted this somewhere, but yeah. It's completely immune to knockback as far as I know, which means it can't be booped, but it can still be stunned.The biggest thing you can take away from this is that you can feed it an entire Roadhog ult into its head.

No Market Taxes in Ishgard.

As of this time, there are no market taxes in Ishgard. This allows you to avoid the tax when selling an item.http://puu.sh/izRKm.pnghttp://puu.sh/izRLh.jpg