Discussion tips

Always choose aggressive as your first move. More tips in comments. Played 9 games in 15 mins, won 8 and only lost 1. Stats: 22C/22E/21Kn

You can run to your fallen teammates while holding E, it will start the revive animation ASAP.

Just try it,( ••)( ••)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■) it's a life changer.

Just grind out either the D-Backs or White Sox TA to 25 or just use Schwarber at C.

Keep seeing all these bronze catchers. Not complaining but just wanted to let people know.

Don’t create your username when you have the high ground.

It’s so uncivilized.

Join a Daily Op for free travel to scrap items if you’re over-encumbered.

Not sure if this works with all daily op locations but it definitely works at burning mine! Hope this may help someone who is contemplating waddling to the nearest workbench.

You can easily complete raids with a much higher power level than you.

I Had to reupload this because apparently when I put (Spoiler Free) in the title it tags it as a spoiler.**So as of right now I am at Power Level 49. I was in real need of some Raw Materials, so I attempted a raid with a Level 90 recommendation. And I learned that if you rely more on your fellow raiders and focus on grabbing the resources, you can complete a raid that is much higher level than you.If you use a "Run in headfirst and beat the piss outta the enemy" playstyle, this isn't for you. I'm posting this because it allowed me to build up my settlement faster than if I had payed attention to the warning. But if you do take this approach, I highly reccomend that you have at least 2 Community yomvikinjr, because on average they're very high level and have better gear.Obviously this strategy won't work for everybody, but it's just some food for thought.

If you're playing as Chomper and you're low on health, bury in the ground and stay absolutely still.

The meter will go down way slower, giving you time to safely generate some more health!

If you plant a grass starter pack in winter, a lot of grass will spawn there in spring.

When spring rolls around, you usually get a huge amount of fallen branches, stones, weeds and grass spawning, right? Well, if there's a grass starter planted in a spot the night before Spring 1, a grass patch will spawn there. It's still not really enough to keep up with animals' eating rate, but it is helpful.

Her ult gives her CC immunity.

Which is easy to overlook because she is always glowing

Applying/Re-applying Ammo Mods on a weapon refills both of your weapons Ammo.

This probably isn’t intentional, but right now if you apply an ammo mod on your weapon (even if it already has one) it will refill both of your guns ammo no matter what PAP tier it is.In layman’s terms, you can refill all of your ammo for 2000 points. You’re welcome.