Discussion tips

Bloodreaver Guldan's hero power combined with Clockwork Automaton deals 6 damage and heals 12 points

Do not use [[Social Downloader]] 2.5 if you have Cercube. It'll crash YouTube.

Just saying. Had to delete it

Be sure your earbuds are in the right ear.

I have some Bluetooth earbuds that are the same on left and right. Took me a few hits before I realized what was up.

Do the Risky Reels challenge on your Nintendo Switch.

None of the PS4 players have the battlepass on their Switch and therefore will not be doing the challenge

Scrolling while ads-ing with a red dot, holo, and 2x will change the brightness of the sight.

This can help with the brightness which would reduce or increase the size of the sight.

If you like using a certain weapon, make sure you have different classes for different circumstances.

Always check the early-game kill cams to get an idea as to what the enemy team is using. Perks, weapons, tacticals, etc., and outfit accordingly. For example, there is no need to take explosives if the entire enemy team is using flak jacket. If you keep seeing UAVs/CUAVs in the sky, throw on a Ghost/Hard Wired class. Nobody on the enemy team is using dead silence? Throw on awareness and dead silence yourself. ALWAYS have a Blackcell class to switch to when things get gritty. Many perks are wasted throughout a game session. Don't be the guy running around with Cold Blooded when your team is ahead 70 kills. Adios!

Heroes stop build around the stones.

If you are playing Heroes do not build around the stones. It's not like you need to hide it or protect it from damage. All that building does is blocks heroes from seeing if there are bad guys taking the stone.

For Mod A Camera Lens Challenge Paint Works Too.

Discovered this by accident, had an unpainted camera, decided to paint it and boom, challenge done!

Tap R1 to drop it, hold R1 to raise it.

What the title says basically. You can drop the whole car by tapping R1 and raise it entirely by holding R1. You can also "bunny hop" by quickly holding and releasing R1. Not sure if its common knowledge but its just a nifty little tip I discovered.

How to always deliver I/E cars undamaged.

Some people seem to have trouble with delivering Import/Export cars without being shot into pieces on the way. NOTE: This is for playing solo in a public lobby, enemy NPCs wont spawn if there are other CEOs in the session.Here's the strategy:When exporting a car, as soon as you see enemy npcs on the map, park the car and jump out. Try to move a bit away from it so it doesn't get damaged in the firefight. Then, enemies will come in 4, 3 or 2 waves (depending on car value). There will be 2 cars with 2 enemies per car every wave. Kill the guys and after the waves, drive without any trouble to the destination!Have fun!