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Use keyboard shortcuts to save your ECID, Model #, and other hard numbers. Handy when saving blobs.

I have multiple devices, so I just save them as “iphoneecid”, “ipadecid”, “iphoneimei”, “iphonemodel” and descriptive names that the keyboard just replaces for the actual number. It saves you a lot of time.Just remember to change them if you get a newer device.

Change your location mode to improve egg hatching (Android).

If you are using an Android phone, your location mode is most likely set to "High Accuracy" by default. While this is useful for Google Maps and other apps, it's probably slowing your egg hatching down by a little bit. Setting it to "Battery Saving" turns off the GPS and uses WiFi/LTE to determine your location. (note: you will need to switch it back to use google maps and such)Instructions:* Open up settings* Go to Location* Go to Mode (at the top)* Check "Battery Saving"It should look like this when you are done.Your character will now move around a bit more even while standing still due to minor gps error, and slightly boost the speed at which your eggs hatch.

Don't walk over our safe if you know bo had put down the mines on it especially if our safe has less than 5% remaining

You can carry over 1 reputation across islands by buying the for sale item.

Little tip that people might miss: If there's nothing worth buying in the current island, buy the item that's for sale (1 reputation) then just resell it on the next island.Another one (but fairly obvious): choose the pilot when on perfect rewards and the item is not worth it. You can resell the pilot for 2 rep.

Zeus cloud (ult) blocks Rama's ult's line of sight.

For clarification:BrokenMelodies explained it more fully:The cloud from which Zeus summons his lightning during his ult blocks the line of sight for an ulting Rama. Meaning Zeus can hide under his own ult to not be sniped by astral arrows.

You can break your L2 Workbench cheaply with a shotgun trap.

Buddy taught me this one a while ago. If you want to break your Level 2 to place a Tier 3, simply aim a shotgun trap at the workbench and death yourself on the TC.Once deauthed you can smack and bait the shotgun trap into shooting. It is the most cost effective way to break the workbench.

[Discussion] Do not attempt the "way to restore in iTunes without updating from a post earlier today. Not only does it sound fake, but it would be nearly impossible anyways to be approved by Apple to restore to unsigned firmware.

Make Use of your surplus ratatas, pidgeys, etc! Two lvls in 30min!.

You think you're too good to pick up those constant Rattatas and Pidgeys once you got your Raticates and Pidgeots? Wrong!Evolving Ratatas, Pidgeys, and other lowly 'mons is actually a huge source of experience. Pop a Lucky Egg once you got some low level pokemons with the appropriate candy stored up, and you can get levels super fast! Evolving gives 500exp, so with the egg it's 1000exp a pop!Rattata -> Raticate = 25 rattata candy = 1000exp!Pidgey -> Pidgeotto = 12 Pidgey candy = 1000exp! (this is especially cheap)etc! etc!Always save up the evolvings so that you have a Lucky Egg ready. And using an Incense with the egg is always recommended! I made it lvl10->lvl12 in about 25min with this tactic.

For the tank and the mud.

When starting the tank up, jump off the back right away, turnaround and jump right back on it. But when you jump on it do not touch anything as soon as you catch onto the tank. Don't go another step in any direction. You can move your upper body to look around, but do not go anywhere with your feet. The zombies lose you on the map completely I won't chase you at all.Now for the good stuff. When running in the mud, walk right next to the wall and don't jump at all. Just Sprint and force yourself up against the wall and run. You almost run full speed. It's amazing.Edit: I should mention I really only tried it in the longer stretches of mud coming out of the church. Not too sure on the main roads.Edit: werds

Dont use an outfit with goggles on the helmet while playing war.

The other team can see the goggles through the smoke when you are building the bridge.