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The minimap is wider than it is taller.

What this means is that if there is a red dot at the top of your minimap, you can simply look to the left or right and see exactly where the enemy is on the minimap instead of relying on "He's probably in that general direction."For example, let's say you're on the map Breakout. You're in Showers, in the right exit toward B flag/the middle lane. There's a red dot at the top of the map, but you don't know his exact location. Just look to the side, and you know if he's either on the stairs or sniping in the building, because your minimap now covers more area to the sides of you. Granted, this only provides a few extra meters of coverage, but it is still useful in certain situations.

[Discussion] The new lockscreen tweak “Lisa” looks great with ColorFlow 4’s full screen music player!

On the step where you have to put all the staffs in the Giant's heads, save Odin (wind) for last. This way if you do it right the button will spawn in his head before the purge sequence goes off, meaning you can easily skip the 3 robots marching and hoping for that lucky 33% chance.

I don't think a lot of players know this, since they'll slap down Wind and immediately leave. I've saved a butt ton of time by doing this and breaking the seal immediately. Granted, not sure if this works in BO2 but in BO3 it's a true life saver

Instructors knew my name right from the start, made all the difference in feeling welcome.

Probably one of the big reasons why i branched out and tried bjj after initially just enrolling for muay thai is that all of the instructors are friendly and greet everyone by name, even if you don't attend their class specifically. I'd come out of muay thai and just watch bjj drill and roll for a couple of weeks before i bought a gi. The instructors all gave smiles and didn't mind me observing. I notice they know all the new people's names right away and use everyone's names often and I feel it trickles down so we are all friendly and often say hello to each other.

If you have trouble with gathering Qs, consider turning down ground clutter.

By reflex, I had turned every setting up to 11 when I booted the game. After a few gathering quests, I got really frustrated that it was impossible to see items on the ground. Culminated with a seed collecting quest in Stonetalon.I then tried turning down the ground clutter to 1, and suddenly I could see the items from a mile away.I know this is a really stupid thing to realize, but if you're like me and hadn't thought about it, try turning down ground clutter. It makes a world of a difference.

Go for an under armour deal!.

When you go into the negotiation meeting you get the chance to tell that asian chick to leave, BEST GOD DAMN PART OF THE STORYEdit: By your comments its seems that this happens when a secondary company tries to outbid your first pick company. Adidas was my first choice


What color is your urine?.

One little tip I learned from DanceSafe is always take note of the color of your urine throughout the day. If your urine is clear then you’re hydrated. If it is dark, you’re dehydrated and need to start drinking water ASAP.Stay hydrated and happy forest!!!

Change your HUD setting to dynamic.

It makes this game so cinematic, and doesn't impede game play like it does on some games.

Don't use health packs. Let the healers heal you so they can build up their ultimate abilities faster, unless you really need to use them.

Titles says it all: by letting your healers heal you, they can build up their ultimate abilities much faster. Same thing goes for characters that can self-heal like Roadhog so you can build up Whole Hog much faster. Ultimate abilities can change the tide of battle so let your healers heal you and only use health packs when you really need to like when you're too far away from your healer or if your healer was eliminated