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Ring the sinister resonant bell before the small resonant bell.

The small bell will override your search for people to invade, but it will summon the bell maiden and give you a chance to be invaded. Eviscerating invaders helps pass the time until you connect! MORE BLOOD!

Lost all DLC maps but DLC showed as Installed?.

Hi,Posting this as it may help someone out in the future.Yesterday, I lost my DLC maps. The Carentan 24/7 playlist was greyed out and none of the maps were in the custom matches setup section. In the store, it showed that the DLC was “installed”.Also, in the mail area, there was an item to download the Carentan map. But clicking on it gave me an error that the “content is not available”.The first mistake I made trying to fix this was to delete and reinstall WWII. 4 hours later and the problem is still there.The solution:Force redownloading the DLC from another device.In the PS4 mobile app, (or in a browser on your computer), go to your library.In the download list you’ll see the resistance and Carentan DLCs and if you click “Download to PS4” they will download and reinstall.That’s it. Hope it’s useful to someone else.

Use a pro controller for BoTW. You won't be disappointed.

When the pro controller was announced I was apathetic. I mean the joy cons and dog controller is good enough to play BoTW, right?My wife grabbed me a pro controller from Amazon and I never looked back. The controls are so smooth. The ergonomics are extremly comfortable, contoured to the hand. The +/- buttons are much more easily accessible than the joy cons layout.Going back to the joy cons in handheld mode I felt my finger button coordination was clumsy at best. I wasn't able to enjoy BoTW with the fluidity of controls the pro controller offered, in comparison.

Use KER to match orbital periods between your satellites for zero drift.

When two craft have the same orbital period, even if their actual orbits aren't perfectly aligned, they will always be in the same relative position. There will be some oscillation when the orbits are different, but the net drift after every orbit will always be zero.

Record your voicemail greeting when you’re sick ’cause your voice is deeper!.

Oh god my throat hurts but I sound so manly lol

Take Advantage of Long Hauls By Listening to Audiobooks and Language Courses.

I've managed to put my long ED stints to work (against all odds) recently by playing audio books and CDs while transporting cargo from A to B. Normally I play ED in VR so I can't just multimonitor an episode of television or anything, so this really started more out of necessity to find some some way of breaking the monotony. So far I've been started the Dark Tower series and have make pretty great progress in finally learning conversational Japanese. What about you? Anyone else had success with this sort of thing while grinding long hauls in Elite?

If you are a McCree going against a Reinhardt with his shield up...

If Reinhardt has his shield up, and you are playing McCree, throw your flashbang above his shield (not onto it) and he will be stunned. This is great because you are able to take down one of the enemies tanks with a few Fan the Hammer shots and allows your team for a push while the enemy is disadvantaged. This works best when there are few-to-no people behind his shield...

They don't like water.

Apologies if this has already been posted.If you get caught low on ammo or need to avoid the bosses, jump in water if it's in the safe zone.The zombies melt back into the ground when they hit the water if they are chasing you.

Whenever someone is rushing to you in a car, always remember to prone and align to the car if there's nothing you can do. The car will pass right above you without doing any harm.

PS. It's a bit risky but if you really don't have anything to do, then it really helps. BTW I'm not that much of a pro

If you are looking to sell one of the new Replica Coil gears on the market board, Dye it. It will show people how it dyes and probably influence them more.

Out of 30+ pieces on the Market Board, only one is Dyed (A WHM Cane) and it actually looks really cool, but the others are not, and it's unknown how they dye to potential buyers.