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Sacrificial Bonus Unit.

I only have enough units for one strong team, so I can't really sacrifice a slot for my only (underleveled) bonus unit, 3-star Robin. However, you can still get your 40% bonus points by putting your bonus unit on a team with other throwaway units, and having them die on the first level. The cost of one team dying doesn't affect the point values gained all that much anyways (if you are able to complete all the levels). Even if I can't often beat a full Lunatic clear, that bonus still helps me stay above the values I could get for a perfect completion in the Hard difficulty version. So, for those of you with limited heroes and resources for these trials, remember that sacrificing a bonus unit on a useless team is better than using none!

Moving on Sand/Snow at normal speed without boots.

Using the camera rune while walking moves at a normal walking speed. Pretty useful if you don't have the Snow Boots/Sand Boots yet.

You can tell the quality of a man by his reaction to AOC's speech today.

And to AOC in general. All the HVM I know love to see a woman stand up for herself and women's right to be treated with dignity and respect. On the other hand, LVM will be lashing out against AOC or the premise of her speech like exasperated toddlers after seeing that video.If you haven't seen the speech yet, here. It's glorious.

Call a local tree trimming company to get your quad out of a tree.

5 days ago i got my quad stuck in a huge tree at a field were i often fly. It was stuck about 60 feet up and hooked on a rather thick branch. I tried throwing balls at it, getting rope over the branch and shaking it, and even got a soccer ball shooter from the team who played in the park. Even after hitting it directly with baseballs, softballs and a soccer ball from the launcher it didn't move. So last resort I called a tree trimming company, For $50 they came and went up in a bucket truck and pulled it out of the tree for me. This is certainly a last resort, but 50 bucks is a lot less then replacing my quad.

Get your car back from the police, easy and free of charge with no wanted level.

If you have ever had your vehicle impounded and don't want to drive all the way to the impound lot to get it back, and then have to out run a 2-3 star wanted level. All you have to do is: Via the menu online, start rooftop rumble. Then once you are in the game, the impound lot is a block away and you wont receive a wanted level at all when you go to steal it back. Hope this helps :)

Pressing F4 to get that perfect screenshot.

Pressing F4 disables the interface and everything so you can take a screenshot without any interface :D. Just press F4 again to get your HUD/Interface back!Edit: Here's an example xD!

Alternating A and D in Bacchus Ult and Cabrakan Earthquake makes you go straight.

Title says it all, its like a 2s transition between A and D, just gotta get the timing right.

Set right joystick click to a macro (ex: sprint).

It's a small quality of life improvement that will at least free up a space off your hotbar. I prefer sprint on it because that's how I usually run on most games using the game pad. Simply go to system configuration -> controller settings -> button configuration -> change right joystick click to "execute macro #98 or 99" . Then set your macro (for sprint type.. /ac "sprint") . If you don't use the lock on feature, the other joystick makes a nice button for a mount! (I use the xbox power button for mine)If you really enjoy first person view (perhaps for screenshots), you can set your camera to change to that when you fully zoom in on your avatar. Hopefully this is new and useful for someone out there!

Use “I need healing when an assasin is on you!.

Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, it can be hard to know if there is an assasin, or where your teammates are, by saying that, your team can get her off you.Happy Gaming!