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The Darkest Shore.

On the initial beach invasion (round 0) use Shellshock with Fiery burst. U can start on round 1 with around 2500-3000 jolts, rather than 1000ish Jolts

Tonight, talk to the little kid on Big Wave Beach, then head over to the Trainer School...

My Driftloon ...pulled a prank... once...

Turn on your Flashlight.

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gy57zhUnFkWhen you're about to (most likely) die, turn on your flashlight so other players can spot your body better. (if you have items on you that they may want/need)

How to Avoid Traveling Coast-to-Coast.

Everyone probably knows by now that if the toxin is in the cave on the northeast coast of PoE, the vault/mixer on the southwest coast will always be the one selected. What you may not know, is that if that vault/mixer is open at the time the selection is made, it will force a different one to be chosen. Because that base has a really short reset timer, you need to babysit the newly opened vault/mixer until the new choice is locked in. Fortunately, Itzal's blink and cloak make this pretty easy to do.

If your shields are down, disable your shield boosters to get them online faster.

You can see this easily in action: turn off your shields and then let them start recharge a bit (not until they're online again). Then turn off a booster. The amount of progress before they're back online will jump up. Turn off another and it'll jump up again. The time it takes to come online is a function of how large your shield is, and the boosters are included in that equation.

Rock Paper Scissors gesture in the Killcam.

If you start the Rock Paper Scissors gesture after making the final kill, the killcam cuts it so it looks like you're making a really filthy stroking motion.I do feel like a jerk for doing it over my opponent's dead body...but the effect is too great not to.

You can use blueprints to plant crops closer to each other and get better value out of garden/farming tiles.

Here are a few examples of what i mean - imgur.* Basically start off by planting two crops on a farmng tile.* Then create a blueprint of those two crops (excluding the tile).* Then go to blueprints and select the one you just created, and you'll notice you'll sometimes be able to plant crops much closer to each other.I say sometimes because it tends to get a little wonky and trial and error is needed. But eventually you can get them all lined up and tidy. The only one you'll prob have the most issues with is of course melons. The most i was able to fit on a tile was 5, but then again that's certainly better than 1.Just a quick note though - crops do take up a lot of budget. The row of plants in those screenshots are at least 50-60% of my budget.

If Curious Glimmeroot offers a tri-class card and two neutral cards; it's always the tri-class card.

I've tested it several times and have seen it a lot in Arena. I assume it's because Glimmeroot prioritises class cards over neutrals and wants to offer three cards of the same class, but tri-class cards are coded differently. It might be possible for this not to be the case if your opponent specifically has an entire deck of neutral cards, but I've never seen it happen.

Under Controls in the Advanced tab, turn off Aim Acceleration and turn on Uniform Soldier Aiming. Drastically improves your aim and reaction time.

I did this and it has helped me so much. I can consistently have faster reaction times than a lot of other players on console. Try it out and tell me what you guys think!