Discussion tips

The gunner seat in attack planes is the most powerful gun against blimps, even compared to AA.

I was in the gunner seat of a plane today and started firing at the blimp. To my surprise every bullet hit does 1 point of damage and it fires very fast. You can rack up hundreds of points in just a minute and do an insane amount of damage. Just around 5 seconds of continuous fire on the turrets will destroy them. This is also a great way to rank up your classes because you aren't a pilot class when you're a gunner!

The Annihilator can take out enemy air score streaks.

The Annihilator can take out the mothership in 2 shots.

Keep Diablos boards at 21/30 with 75k points stored.

Just a tip for those who are holding onto tickets for next month. The limited time missions stop at completing 20 of the boards. You can get that then just earn the points needed to level the rest of the way. If you're not lacking in ingot, it's better to store here than in gift box.

Don't shoot sleeping targets unless you can kill them.

I've started getting into Ana lately, and this shit happens way to often. The amount of times I've put an enemy to sleep just to have them get shot by a long range reaper is infuriating. Sorry for the rant, but people should know by now how to synergize with Ana

Always close doors behind you if you can when going into a new area for a mission.

Because when you open the door and cross that invisible line the developers have put there, they sometimes spawn Virals behind you. For example, I just explored a school. And when I opened a door with some keys I found, sure enough 2 red arrows appeared behind me. I quickly went in and closed the door and they were out of luck zombies!Also I went into the school at 9pm, so since I finished the mission.....now I wait 'til 7am before I leave! hah

The flare gun can be shot up in the sky to spot Jason.

I normally see people use it to stun him.

Leveling up Blood Anvil quick!.

After your game finishes, leave the lobby and join another match... I've gotten about 25 games where the score is already 90+, i play for 1 minute and get 2k mission team xp :)

You don't always need to reintroduce.

Did a stupid today and reintroduced Tosowoong enzyme powder wash to my face after like a month or so off because I suspected it might be irritating me. My skin was lovely and soft and bright and even and chok chok before. Now it is a red angry patchy mess. Sometimes you don't need to reintroduce a product you've eliminated just to make sure it's the culprit. Wahhhhh

If you track the Star of Alexander Medal, there is no way to win one round of conquest

Shadowman Boss Fight is Too Easy With Fear In Headlights GG.

Don't know if it has been posted before, however the shadowman boss fight on SoE is very very easy if the guy that presses the altair/summoning key is the one running fear in headlights. Did SoE EE the other day for some friends that were missing the Summoning Key and we failed it 4 times and got it the 5th attempt (2 minutes is more than enough).