Discussion tips

You can spot from tanks. It's super easy, and really helps your teammates.

Turn off shadows in useroptions.ini to gain massive fps boost.

Just set ShadowQuality to =0 and you are good to go.

Sour candy & teeth.

Never thought about this until I saw a brochure in a clinic, but for those of you worried about your teeth, avoid sour candies! They have a very low pH that can cause enamel erosion just like stomach acid. Tooth enamel starts to breakdown when exposed to a pH of 4. Stomach acid has a pH of 1.5-3.5, Sour Skittles are 2.2, Wonka Fun Dip is 1.6, and battery acid is 1! If you do eat sour candy, rinse your mouth out with water afterwards, and don't brush your teeth for at least an hour.

Record means nothing!! Teammate grade of B- and above = a solid player.

Generally speaking at this point on the cycle I’ll hop on with just about anybody 85 and up without checking them out first. But I’ve noticed that anytime I got 2 other guys with at least a B- average then we’re going to at least get a few wins. Despite their record or even their rating. Granted some of them might not make the plays a more experienced player would make they still end up playing solid

Wet nylon to clean nozzle.

So, I printed in nylon today, but I didn't clean the hot end very well, and had some PLA schmotz built up in the nozzle. I did a couple of cold pulls with nylon, but it kept coming out dirty. Then I remembered a small engines trick, and figured it was worth a shot.I purposely wet some nylon and did a cold pull with it, and man, did it clean that nozzle like brand new. The steam scrubs the pla off the walls and nozzle very nicely.

Weapons are preloaded, so if you are low on ammo you can pick up and drop another e.g. M16 for some extra 30 ammo.

I am pretty sure a lot lf people already know about it, but i want to reach out to those who dont :)So this is highly situational, but i still find it good use. Even more if you play with a squad and want to maximize the ammo

Hide small stashes under sleeping bags.

Ive always done this and my buddies have always called me a idiot. "That will never work you're wasting your time" Well today it finally payed off. But first let me tell you how this works. First you are going to want to have preferably multiple sleeping bags down so they arnt so tempted to destroy them. Once you get murdered DO NOT spawn back at camp unless you can actually defend it. It will make them more likely to destroy the sleeping bags and find it. Basically there is a few bumps in the sleeping bag that will cover the stash almost completely. But you can still search it. So before you get raided put down a couple sleeping bags and stashes and hide some stuff in there! I just saved myself 50 planks, 3 metal doors, and a smoke signal thanks to this. If I was smarter I would've put more down but you never think you will get raided until it actually happens. Cheers hope this is good advice.

The next time you build a PC, install Linux and play around a bit before installing Windows.

Use that fresh SSD boot drive as an opportunity to try Linux (Mint or Ubuntu, I recommend). You can see which Steam games work, and you can use Linux for the stress testing and BIOS tweaks.Just experiment with it, and if you fuck it all up, no big deal. Just reformat and drop Windows on it. The absolute worse thing that can happen is you might just discover Linux is a OS you want to stay with![edit] I want to say that the number of people who say this is a BAD idea is ridiculous. Microsoft paid shills? Perhaps. All I am saying is try it. You've got nothing to lose except your incorrect assumptions about Linux.

Christmas N00b Camouflage.

If you do your stat reset you can disguise yourself as a Christmas n00b

You can plant/harvest/fertilize continually by holding down the button.

I'm sure a lot of you know this, but my wife and I just found this out the other night. Made planting and harvesting so much easier. Just hold down X (on ps4) with seeds/fertilizer "equipped" and walk. You'll plant in any available spot you walk on. I also haven't had the fertilizer bag of doom glitch happen since holding down the button. Also, when picking crops if you equip new seeds and hold plant you will pick and replant at the same time. Also works with crab pots.