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The most valuable engrams Don't actually seem important.

With new players coming in through PS4, and just for anyone in general NEVER go without these engrams, especially if playing solo* Stimulant* Cooking PotBoth are instrumental in creating mindwipes and are easy enough to forget when scrolling through your engram options. Mindwipes, for those who aren't familiar allow you to reset your character back to level one BUT you get to keep your experience and engram points. Basically this lets you respec your character at will.Stimulant, in my experience is easiest to forget and on one occasion I had to grind from Lvl 82 to 83 just to unlock it. Don't be me.


For the love of God, nobody can understand you when your mic is garbled mess because you think turning the output dial up all the way makes it easier for people to hear you. Yeah, we can hear you, but WE CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU. I met two players out of 10 today that I could understand, the rest was just white noise that sounded like words.

Variant Rewards (if you didn't know).

Certain things such as prestiging divisions to the max position will get you an epic variant. If you already received the epic variant through supply drop, you will then get the heroic version. Example: Yesterday I prestiged my infantry division to max, the reward was the S.O.L variant for the SVT. Since I already had it I received the S.O.L II instead. Tip: Try to receive the reward through a supply drop before max prestiging divisions so then after you receive it you can prestige and received both the epic and heroic versions one after the other.EDIT: It seems that from other's replies that the rewards are random for each player. What you should do is get to max level 4 on your divisions. Go look at what the reward will be for prestiging each, hope to get them in supply drops. After you get them in supply drops, prestige the division.EDIT 2: The social skill rewards are specific to social score and you can not get them any other way.

You can tell if Honey Fruit, Blast Cones, and Scryers Blooms are available by looking at the minimap.

Honey fruit, Scryers Blooms and Blast cones can be seen on the minimap marked as a small green dot, this can be useful to you if you'd like to use any of them but don't want to facecheck to get them.I've highlighted them with red circles in this Example

Grinding out wood for Tarrey Town? The stable by Rito Village has lots of stacks of logs that can be bombed for easy yield. They respawn very frequently as well!

You can cancel your charged attack by letting go of the charge in the middle of a dodge.

80 hours as a hammerbro and I just realized this last night -_-

After taking a powerup, you can knife the monkey now chasing you for 500 points.

This might be obvious to some, but I've only just noticed it so I thought I should mention it

Turn off motion blur.

Just a tip for new players or those who want to improve: turn off motion blur in options. I know there have been topics on this already, but I just want to remind everyone. I am prestige 9 and I finally tried turning it off for the very first time today, and it makes a BIG difference. I play better and my eyes don't get as tired and sore.

When grinding for badges, use 100 GAME SPEED. Easier, faster, more enjoyable. Also, background music helps the grind as well.

[Discussion] Success: Restore from 11.1.2 to 11.1.2 using FutureRestore v155 on iPhone 6s and 5s.

Hey guys!Many people would like to do a clean install of iOS 11.1.2 before the jailbreak is officially out.I decided to try and see if I could successfully restore to 11.1.2 and I did! I used futurerestore v155 because v157 was giving me issues, but thanks to ReiBoot I was able to keep trying!If v157 isn’t working for you guys, then use v155!The command I used:./futurerestore_macos -t (11.1.2 blobs) —latest-sep —latest-baseband (11.1.2 IPSW) WARNING: If you’re forced to restore to 11.2.1, it is not my fault! It may not work for you! But I don’t see why it shouldn’t! v155 worked great on both my 6s and 5s. Have a nice day!