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Speed up animations system wide 11.3.1.

Since there is currently no properly working tweak for speeding up animations thought I’d share this. If you’re looking for a system wide animation for iOS 11.3.1 download ‘disable all animations on iOS 11’ and ‘animation speed iOS 11.3.1’ from flex3! Works very well for me on iPhone X 11.3.1 with reduce motion.

Don't try to pull a Skyrim and attempt to sneak-shot Lynels with a bow from a high elevation.

It's not gonna end well.

Bathing in the spa replenishes energy.

I don't know how well known this is as a game mechanic but I only found out about it because I was given the tip to watch the TV every morning.Basically, as the title says, bathing in the spa at the top of the map will replenish your energy. I was damn near quitting the game because I was running out of energy as soon as I gathered and watered my crops when I found out I just needed to spend a minute in the baths to get back to full energy before going mining or fishing or whatever.

GoFest Bracelet Tip.

So I got my bracelet in the mail yesterday, and before reading the instructions, I starated to play with it. Well luckily I didn't mess it up to bad, but ONCE YOU TIGHTEN THE BRACELET YOU CANNOT LOOSEN IT AGAIN.If you read the instructions, this is the first thing it says :p

If the game is stuttering a lot, try disabling access to cpu0.

Hello,Something I noticed is that the game would stutter heavily as it was using up the entirety of cpu0. Blocking access to this CPU prevented the game from stuttering for me and now it runs perfectly.Here is how to do it: http://i.imgur.com/Ta1VHUt.gifvPlease post if this worked for you as it may help the developers fix the game.

Press Options (on PS4) before game starts.

This will show you exactly where the enemies will spawn at the beginning of the match.Also, may be common knowledge, but the final kill required is with the throwing knife, not the shovel. :)

If you can't fit all retainer types in your house, keep the other ones in storage and swap em up as needed.

It may seem obvious, but I've been running back and forth to housing merchant before I realised this.

You can use the touch pad for the hud and the map.

A light tough on the touch pad wakes the HUD if you have it on forget it mode and a click on the touch pad opens the map. I hope this post is long enough! Cheers

I don't think many people realize.. but shooting a Rein shield while Zaryas bubble is on Rein GIVES Zarya power.


Supercruise button solution and faster travel !!!!!.

No button required, here's how to solve your supercruise assist woes!!!!Access Right menu/ship/flight assist....Now set supercruise to manual throttleVoila..... no supercruise assist until you pull back to 75% letting you exploit the hell out of speedy drops into stations :)Send any thanks in virtual beers, i intend to get virtually hammered today!