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If you see a team in duos take a boat to the island, take one too and then drive both boats back with your partner.

I so wish I could hear the rage of the poor team my friend and I did this to

You can pick up a dead medic's kit and use it to revive them!.

Just that, I don't think enough people are aware. :P

Use Google's Public DNS.

In light of Net Neutrality being repealed, ISP's like Spectrum and Charter have started using their DNS servers as a way to hijack what you browse. This can be used to censor and redirect you from what you're trying to view.I was looking for some legacy software that gets DMCA'd left and right, and noticed the other day that I was being taken to DNSrsearch instead of to the files I wanted.https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/usingYou can do this for IPv4 as well as IPv6. Even on my newly-acquired local ISP I still use Google's public DNS

Insane surviver points(1,2mil/hour) and Legend points(18 mil/hour).

Do the tunnel bridge quarantine zone on normal. Grab the first 3 air drops then quit game-> continue. You will spawn outside and you can run it again.I was capable of getting 2-2.5 airdrops per min(Using the improved grappling hook you get from survivor level 24). This will give (give or take a few) about 18 mil xp per hour...Also works for survivor points with the pakages giving 10k xp and will yield (w/o empovered grappling hook) around 1-1.3mil survival points per hourI might make a video of thisEdit: video is up!

Elo sight on the new UDM stalker sniper COMPLETELY removes idle sway and recoil.

Title says it all.... currently destroying snipers on Afghan with this thing

You are in a grenades damage distance/lethal distance if the market is flashing red. Ex: you don't need a gas mask if the gas grendae de is NOT red

How to choose a collar.

Some time ago I *had* to know what all the fuzz about collars was aaand... I bought one :PThen a day ago a fur on this site told he got caught trying a collar on himself on a pet store (you know who you are ;) so, to prevent others from living through this, here's a quick and dirty guide to buying a fitting collar for your own neck.* Put your thumbs together, then join both your index fingers, make a big 'O'.* That hole is approx your neck size. (Please check with actual neck)* A fitting collar should (more or less) fit inside the 'O' on the smallest size... (This size is *almost* uncomfortably tight ;)* ...And shouldn't fit at all on the biggest size. (This one is nice and loose)In essence, a collar complying to this measure can go from 'choker' to 'can wear over a fursuit'. Veredict: "An uneasy feeling of comfort".

Shoot Mei's wall.

A lot of times I see people just give up and wait for 5 seconds until the wall goes down, but by that time the ally stuck behind is 100% dead.Each pillar has 400hp, which can be burst down really fast if you focus fire.That's 3 shots from Roadhog for example.Communicate with your teammates which pillar to shoot, or if you can't, just shoot the ones in the middle, or the one your ally is stuck behind.Many ultimates require line of sight like Zen's Trans or Lucio's Beat, so if you're playing a support, before using your ult to save your ally make sure you take down one of the pillars first.Bonus tip: Mei's ult also requires line of sight, so even tho it looks like an area attack, you can stand behind a pillar or corner and not get frozen.She can however freeze you through her own wall or your teammates wall, if you're also running Mei.

Commitment abilities.

Hey summonerschool,Something I noticed while watching a few replays is that a very frequent prerequisite to successful ganks was the use of a commitment ability. I'm coining this term as "any ability a champion uses only when they want to commit to a skirmish or an all in." This can be something like a tryndamere e, or aatrox q, or even something like a malphite e. The importance of these abilities is that unless they're committing to the fight, they probably won't use it. Take darius for example. He can use his q to farm or harass, his w to farm or harass, but only ever uses his e when he really wants to fight. If darius uses his pull, there's a good chance he's going to try to commit to the kill or try to bully your laner out. That is your time to engage. Once he has his mind set on his objective, in this case getting the kill, you are more likely to catch him tunnel visioning.Just a small tip. Hope this helps.

USB Header Brackets.

Just a helpful tip for a lot of people who may not know. If your motherboard has any unused USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 headers. You don't need to buy USB PCI-e cards. You can just buy the much cheaper USB header brackets.Very useful especially if your case doesn't have any built in USB 3.0 or you are wishing you had more USB ports on your build.Examples: USB 3.0 Bracket https://www.amazon.com/Kingwin-Bracket-Built-20-Pin-KW-PCI2USB3/dp/B00BTYOKXO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500586349&sr=8-1&USB 2.0 Bracket https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Expansion-Header-Mainboard-Bracket/dp/B00K82WQ7K/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1500586841&sr=8-5&Doublehttps://www.amazon.com/JIUWU-Motherboard-Expansion-Header-Bracket/dp/B00NMBXUXI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500589735&sr=8-2&